Dedication means death; to die to or for something.

4 I will not give sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to mine eyelids,
5 Until I find out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob.
Psalm 132:4-5

Motunrayo Olomide is the girl on the right corner

In my internship year, a girl in my group of the name Motunrayo Olomide, brought up the idea, that there should be a handball, event for the internship girls. That the girls should be known for a sport. Her idea became that of the group, we so much support and push a competition was held. And our group, “Group A” took first place.

You love (addicted) something, so much it means you are ready to give your sweat, blood and tears for it.

 Being dedicated births uniqueness. It is the trade secret of kingdom giants.
I believe that if nobody is complaining (or commending you) about your passion for something, you really don’t love that thing. To be different, to standout, to be the one, people say is amazing and brilliant takes sacrifice and a lot of passion.
I was not really good in my academics in secondary school (Fountain Heights Secondary School 2008 set), I was either clearly above average, or just average. But I loved agriculture, we were on the field, and my Agricultural teacher was talking about the importance of grass and said we use it to feed cattle, and asked who would love to own a farm.
I raised up my hand, my face lightening with joy and excitement, “I would”, I said gladly, with others thinking it was an awkward and weird decision.  The school later started a little animal unit, where they started with rearing of catfish, rabbits and guinea pigs.
They needed someone to be consistent with cleaning and feeding of the animals early in the morning and on weekends. I made myself available, I counted it, all joy to be a part of the unit. I didn’t mind the distance of walking from home to school during the weekends.
I never made it on the list of people who got awarded for academic excellence for about two times the award show was done. But during the third show, I got an award! I was shocked, I realised it was an award for people who did something in the environment of the school.
The fuel of dedication is passion, there may be difficulties, people term it as impossibilities but you see it as hurdles, or a trampoline that would take you to the next level.
Passion; is something nobody has to ask you, whether you have it or not. It is something that should be seen in your eyes and attitude. When people, look at you, the way you handle the things, they will notice, you are in love with it.

Passion for development……
Constantly my classmate the Senate President of the school in person of Diddy Oyahkire noticed one thing, which is my passion for development in agriculture, I talked about it when we were to talk about the things concerning the Internship year (A practical year for Agricultural students). I was hungry for change and progress in the school and the work we were about in our internship year.
The Agricultural Association of Babcock University Chapter [N.A.A.S], invited the Chapter of my own school, Olabisi Onabanjo University, for a seminar concerning the Development of Agriculture.
Diddy is a stakeholder in the association, he decided to nominate me as one of the people that would attend the program he said, “There is no one interested in the development of agriculture like you are”.
The program was amazing, after the whole thing I made some contributions and it was well acknowledged.
I’m crazy for photography…..

I pop my camera at everything I think would be a “piece of art”, from people smiling, to animals, insects, sunrise, sunset and rainfall and the list goes on.
My camera is just an 8.0 mega pixel, of my phone. The shots are amazing some of my classmates appreciate my work, some diss me, and some are buying into my idea of photography.… Some of them think I’m stupid for taking pictures like that of a butter fly, but what keeps me going is my passion. Not letting it die.
Sometimes when you go on with your passion, you will think you are probably nuts or crazy, must especially when people confirm it. But something happened, I happen to do a little bit of show-off to some fellow photographers in my school, well one person said, ‘‘you have some amazing shots, all you need is to get’’ what he had to say in Yoruba “irin ise”, which means in plain English “Work man tools”, I have to get some good cameras with good lenses.
Reckless in love with writing……

I took a break off writing because I let the comments of someone get to me, all though it was the truth. She said, ‘’he makes a lot of “grammatical errors”
 When you start on what you love the truth is that sometimes, you may not start good like some expert. You even seem to be a looser in the eyes of everyone. But giving it all you have matters. Forgetting what people say, but take to their criticism, and learn what you can from them.
My writing passionately, and loving to get them posted online in a country where internet is so expensive, (I mean the price of getting internet service takes a huge chunk out of my allowance), has gotten me, some job offers that didn't really increase the numbers of my account balance but could improve the quality of my resume.
And when you type the Nigerian slang “Famzing” on Google, this blog appears to be part of the top 5 results you get.
Sometimes I ask myself why I stay up so late, like the other hackers in my school, one of them confronted me that writing will earn you no money join us and make some money.
Sometimes it is not about the money, but having a passion for what you love.

Sharpening the tool “Spoken Word”…….

You are not a Pro obviously when you start out, keeping yourself out of reach from, “Producing”, if you let me say is wrong.
Spoken Word is like stand up poetry.
My mum called me out to watch some lady “Janette ikz” on Turning Point, doing Spoken Word, as I was watching her, I said to myself that I could do these, so I started performing with the Drama group in my church, I say the words they act it out as my confidence grew I began to say it out in front of people.
The truth is, for every time I tried something new, I feel scared, but having H.S telling me, “I can do all things through CHRIST that strengthens me” just gets me going.
I kept on speaking every time I had the chance, from Mother’s day to Thanksgiving services, to just a normal day service in Church, I would speak.
 I ended up speaking in Redeem Church of GOD the Arena, it is the place that holds the biggest Pentecostal service in the world.
Being busy with school, not having the ability to appear in events (or making myself to be on the list performances *an act of upcoming artistes* *wink*), was making me to hang my boots, “but never say never”.
I took the opportunity that my friend was in charge of Bible study during  the week to say Spoken Word, if  she permits me or doesn’t forget to invite, I would say it, and for every time I said it I got more and more comfortable on stage.
J’adore Music………….

Loved music since the day I was born, but never had the ability to perform, until I let go of every worldly or secular form music, everything I had to go, before GOD gave me the full right to create and make world class music. (All of this and more I will explain in another blog I title, “Letting go”, let’s get back to talking passion)
It started in 2010, I loved rap since day 2 lol…..
I called a group of guys, that why don’t we minister with a popular worship song and rap to it, I told them we will start from our teenage church party and we could end up performing in the Church’s concert.
Another guy one of the rappers brought a beat that we should also rap to that people would like it, the worship song could be a little boring, so I got a hang of the beat and I started rapping and that was it.
I have had the ability to lead over 13 people, some left due to changing of church and a couple of other things. But we kept singing for 4 years now and it has been an amazing experience, I have had new talents join in and do amazing things.
The name of the group is Inspire gotten from the scripture (Matt 5:13.
We have performed alongside great artistes like Flo, Mike Arlemu, Kenny Kore, Modele, Mosa, Tim Godfrey and Xtreme Group and many more.

We did not start as Pro’s but with a constant relationship with GOD, and a whole lot of consistency we are getting there under my lead we kept on getting invites from people, and we have been to quite a number of places because of excellence in what we do.
You don’t only need passion, you need to fuel it with revelation…….

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Proverbs 29:18 King James Version (KJV)

I can easily write songs, but the task about writing songs with themes, seemed queer to me but I took the challenge, when I approached the HOD of the Children’s Church (Uncle Scot) in March 2012 that I would love to sing a song featuring the children, during their Children’s Day Program. He and the other teachers asked if I could write a song on “Change”.
Well it came out well, the song was quite melodious, it happened that I changed the song twice, when I couldn’t change it anymore, I decided to add to the song as I developed the song, it had about two to three different tunes in it.
In sharpening my skill in song writing, I wasn’t afraid to work on the theme of 2013 Children’s Day “Flourishing”.
One thing I appreciate about my church “Rhema Chapel Yaba” is I have the ability, to improve and work on my talent and skills. And there are many people who have been advising me on what to do, and when I’m confused and I need help they are ready to help out.
I was amazed in December 2012, for the rehearsals of the musical concert, I and my group were going to sing some songs and we needed some backup singers. The HOD of the choir department (Mr Toba), made readily singers that would sing for us and they were enthusiastic and helpful, they did blow my mind, (because they were quite older and well experienced in music).

Mother’s Day… Afraid I won’t write another
Writing a song about mothers did seem hard, but to be able to write again I thought it would be difficult, because there are really not many songs out there about mothers, I thought I would fall into the same predicament.
GOD keeps reminding me about the Joel 2:25, that “the latter shall be better than the former”. That means for everything you do today with HIM, will be by far better than yesterday.
Holding onto HIS WORD after the performance of 2013 Mother’s Day, writing for Mother’s Day 2014 was no problem, I had written the song about two months earlier.
During our performance on Mother’s 2013, the mothers were just commenting that they were just crying throughout our performance, amazed I was touched. And in 2014 one of the member of the group who sang the chorus Amaka, said her mum was crying throughout the performance, and it was the first time she came to our Church.
There will always be a better performance as long it is a work GOD has ordained, these were the words of my friend Kenny, “that GOD is SURE”, when I talked about a dance drama group “Alfa Sule”, that I was afraid they won’t be able to do something new, he said they would.

Don’t be afraid to love many things, this adage doesn’t work in this age and time “Jack of all trade and master of none”. What is happening these days is what GOD says in Joel 2:28.
And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: Joel 2:28.
Everybody these are not known for just one thing, we are all blessed as Christians to be good in many things.
David was a good musician, 1 Samuel 16:18 this lead him to be invited to the king’s palace, where he could help the king, by driving out demons that were disturbing him.
David was a good warrior, as we all know he killed a bear and a lion, therefore he was qualified, to kill Goliath, without the common weapons of warfare; sword, shield, armour etc. 1 Samuel 17 He was able to own and lead an army by GOD’S Grace 1 Chronicles 12:22.
29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.
Proverbs 22:29
David was a good poet, his curriculum vitae on poetry is the Book of Psalms which is 150 chapters, which also entails Psalm 119 the longest Chapter in the Bible with 176 verses
David and above all a leader, he had foresight, was careful about his decisions, when he was faced with issues.
Zeal without knowledge is a bird without wings.
Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge,
And he sins who hastens with his feet. Proverbs 19:2:
We can be dedicated, for all we care, be passionate and everyone applauds you, but to be zealous without knowledge or skill is useless. There is no point in doing something for long and not improve on what you are doing.
Zeal with knowledge is paramount, you have to know a lot about your love, and let other people teach you how to go about it.
Humility births honour, some people who would teach you how you should go about your talent; may not be passionate or talented as you’re, but they would have experience, take it or leave experience matters.
“Experience is the best teacher”….. You can learn a whole lot and be ready to give everything to learn. The view of an experienced person is different from the way you will view life.
A disciple is not above his master, but everyone that is perfect shall be as like his master.
Luke 6:40

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