We are at War

I did this Spoken Word a while ago in a couple of places, and this video below shows me Ministering in the Youth Center of Redeem Christian Church of GOD, and I also performed the next day in the Arena of the same Church. I'm so sorry the lyrics do not match what I said, because the person in charge of programs made me refine my words! So enjoy have a lovely weekend. (You may have to use your earphones to hear me properly it). (And please forgive the Fashion Flaws it was an impromptu presentation lol) 

We at war
U.S can war with Iraq
For attacks carried out in the past
Yorubas can war with the Hausas
For the numerous killings
Christian can war with the Muslims
For numerous bomb attacks
And no one wars with the devil
Who is to be blamed for bomb explosion in Boston?
Or the open fire in the cinema in Aurora
We all like to blame the physical
Religion, Country, Race, Tribe or Persons
We forget that everything that takes place in the physical
First took place in the Spiritual realm
We’ve become sissies
We can’t bind little Malaria
And it will be asking too much of you
To destroy the demons living in your area

We are at war I can’t seem to find my fellow brothers they appear to be the same with the world they wear the matching jerseys I can’t tell fake from original.
My fellow Christians think they are of the world
Like they belong in the same picture frame, but are not of the same pixel.
Where did we go wrong when did we start speaking the same language like the world
The devil makes the lie feel like the truth and the truth something we should forget
I have reached the place of war I’m on my own, the harvest is many but the labourers are few and the few are becoming nothing. While the devil moves like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour and I think he’s having some people for breakfast…..
Young Girl Listen to me…..
You’re 13 just found about the game of love and you’re falling for it
When you’re 14 you look 21
But he lies to you and tells you’re the one
He doesn't like your configure but your figure
You offer yourself for free
 when you know he aint going down on one knee
You enhance yourself with so much make-up
You forget your heart you don’t know what it’s made off
You have no scripture hidden in your heart
So all you do is sin
Yes you’re a teenager
You’ve the free will to do
What pleases you
In which you’re meant to be gaining experience 
and not becoming the experiment 
taking precautions not making so many actions
So why are you throwing away your precepts and forgetting you values, are you not the girl,
Groomed to be like the lady in Proverbs 31….
You’re 13 in love
14 Life is all about skirts and blouses not goals and ambitions
15 you look for ways of being sexy and guys begin to eat your honey comb
By 16 you’re the ex-girlfriend of five guys 
And currently the girlfriend of 5 boys
Well age begins to tell on you by 17,
 you think you can hide your scars and wound by 18 with make-up
By 19 tick tock tick tock CaBOOM!!! Your wrong decisions may blow up in your face,
 when you think you’re making love you probably maybe making life..
Abortions seems to be the only solution your womb becomes a tomb
Producing the dead

In time no amount of concealers  can help your weak foundation
Your beauty decomposes and your inner beauty is exposed
You leave the Bible and never download it from the App store
If you have it you probably don’t read it
So you have no word of GOD in you
That will be a lamp unto your feet
So you seem to be lost Google can’t seem to find you
So in reality
You’re pretty empty
And 140 words has nothing good to say about you
By 21 you have a C.V
That entails a history of
Sex, gossip and parties
And the only souvenir you have is regret……

Young Man I’m talking to you listen to me…. The words that I have to say are true and yea and Amen!
They are the words of the LORD almighty, HE loves you like passionately
You know no Bible verses
For it’s the only compass to direct you through the coordinates of life!!

You seem to be looking for solutions mean while they tend to pollution
You think Mtv base knows the way sorry  unnh unnh its going to kick you out the basement

You think  Channel O will save you soul, No! its only digging a bigger hole in your heart
 only CHRIST can fill

Sound City ain’t  the city you’re meant to be in, because it will distract you on your road to destiny

You just going far from GOD soaring into the depths. Of the enemy and falling for his lies and tricks

He tells you that weed can solve your problem, it takes you high but your problem is still wrapped around you like a tattoo.

You think alcohol will wipe your frown and give you a smile, trying to make you forget your problem
But it will still be in your face like the human race

This is not the time for you to be drunk off the liquid spirit but be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT
HE gives more answers than a web search
HE can lead you to the right choice while you think you have the best.

Forget the gold and girls and choose GOD
For there is time for everything

So fellow Christians lets quit being Martha Martha!
Being true Christians should be our No.1 priority
Not activity the new form Spirituality
Lets rise up and take our place in this race
And bring shame to the devil’s face
Get your shield of faith for the arrows of the enemy are many
Your helmet of Salvation for it’s the only conclusion
Lets rise up take our place 
In this race 
For we’re sure to win by HIS amazing grace…….