How far can you Love? #CrazyLove

You know the way a woman looks when she has probably being dumped, or she found her partner cheating, after she had put her all into the relationship, and it went on for years. The look of rejection and dejection, now put that look on a guy, it could be difficult because guys don’t show their feelings, I’m sure you can count how many times you have seen a man cry (including movies lol).

That was I looked (em there were no tears involved lol), with my afro looking like I lived on the streets for days, my mum saw me and said I should take life easy.

I just lost a book where I write what GOD usually tells me things, I have had the book for over 6 months, you can imagine, what I had in it.

Well after I found the book. I was happy the way I felt when I didn’t  see the book, because I had never felt like that for anything or anyone in my life including girls........ This makes me remember my teenage life,  when a girl says no to me, I picked up a pillow screamed into it, sleep with a sad heart and move on.  Not when it comes to the things of GOD I find it hard to move on, but I have to come to terms with myself that GOD knows best.

That's us singing #Inspire (I have more hair now lol)

I and my friend @iam_hhs, were supposed to perform two songs at our Church Headquarters in Ilorin, but the sound guys didn’t play our second track, I felt bad, he felt worse and was furious, but we were able to move on. If we were feeling upset about our reputation, it would have been hard to move on, but it was about getting GOD’S job done it was easy to let go, because we know GOD is in control.
In my culture people tend to blame everything on GOD, if they were supposed to eat and they were lazy to eat, they would say “Ise OLUWA ni” , it’s the HAND WORK of GOD. Well that’s being really lazy. When you know you have given your all, and there was nothing humanly possible to do gain, you can leave the rest to GOD.

   [Listen to our song “Baba Korede”  @OLUWA_BaMIJE @iam_Hhs

   Listen to our song punch line loaded “Owo loke”  @OLUWA_BaMIJE @iam_Hhs]

The question here is, would anything make you feel worse than you would, when you find out you lost the love for GOD? Or how bad will you feel if you lost something of GOD, or GOD HIMSELF? Would you go to therapy and move on? @2witter_Bible 

And HE answering said, Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. Luke 10:27