Corruption Culprit #Gbam

That's the exam question! it seems easy! they take it easy with us cos its our practical year!

Boss how fa? How paper?  He replies, The paper dey ok!  “We thank GOD”, Na this exam wey we write now, give me extra year O! The last time wey they write this exam, I get malaria, I just say may I go house go relax small before next paper, I see say I sleep pass time. The thing pain me! I see the question everything simple.

I even dey go tutorial the other time, they call me say shayo dey, I go there after I shayo finish I still go read book. For this cheap exam.

As I dey write this exam now, I just dey vex, I even finish on time, I won go submit but I no won be the first person, may people con they think say this extra year guy no know anything, I dey plan to bone “who go first submit package”, na so I see you say you dey go submit. As in I know want that lecturer, may he come yeye me, he go con dey talk say “extra year candidate dey cheat for exam hall”, because if  I tey to submit dem student  go dey ask me questions and I go reply na wetin dey make me vex sef! 
See all the question sef! Simple!

 (Rips the question in pieces,{ he had to pay over a 100k for an extra year!})

 Na this big boy things wey no pay, wey dey make person no read!

Later Boss! He didn’t even reply I think he’s still heavily pissed

{Forgive my pidgin!}

As you can see I didn’t utter as much as he did, the exam was for an hour I think we both came out 20 minutes earlier or more, because we were both pissed, about almost the same thing but from different angles.

I always ask why I always liked to seat down in the front row. Now I know why! I told myself to chill and go through my note before I enter the exam hall, planning to be the last person, or something, well I just got in line and I ended up in the back row regret filled my heart as one girl said Bless talk O!

We wrote the exam with year 2 students, from various departments, and they were changing seats, and planning some formation on how to pass answers and do other stuffs.

As we were writing I saw some lady doing the Year 2 course Agric Economics course, she’s a part time student, she was opening her laps to check for the answers she wrote in there. As if that was not enough, she later looked back to copy from a man in his mid 50s, the man didn’t seek anybody’s attention as he wrote the exam, I’m sure he studied through the night burning the midnight and mid-day oil to write this exam because he was filling his script and she was wasn’t.

A lecturer came to meet her and said how many courses are you doing? You are writing yet another exam? He asked what course it was and he said you better pass this one o!

Well I was pissed after so much exam malpractice was going on around me,  and I couldn’t stop it. The sin about corruption is seeing people do it and not reporting, so I saw myself as an accomplice in their activity, as I was signing out I saw a certain Christian girl like me, we used to make sure we seat at the front row, as I signed out.

Now I have a paper by 3:30pm on Animal Products you’re sure to know where I would be seating!!!