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You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show her favour; the appointed time has come. Psalm 102:13

I couldn't believe it as he told me that a certain Lecturer  in my school has being demanding  for sex from a teenager, the man meant to be in his mid 50s, has failed the girl twice in his courses. He failed her in her 2nd and 3rd Year, due to the fact she refused him (because it will be a sin to GOD).
She's in her 3rd Year heading for the 4th Year, if she fails more than 2 courses, she would be asked to retake a whole academic calendar to make sure she passes all her courses.

I know what it’s like to retake a whole academic calendar, I'm in my 4th year, I've seen my mates retake it and its heartbreaking I tell you!

Due to many reasons I cannot proof this happening to you. But we all know this is rampant in many Nigerian Universities, and many Christian girls are being persecuted daily through this, and its life ruining.

1. Lets pray that GOD will strengthen these Christian girls that they would not fail in this test and GOD will arise in their lives and destroy the plan of the enemy over their lives.
Abortion is something that's not permitted in Christianity, but sometimes some things can arise and induce abortion. For a Christian nation like "Ireland", they had to permit abortion, when it’s life threatening.

2.  Lets pray that everything that induces abortion should be destroyed in JESUS NAME
 The lawmakers just signed it to law that abortion should be allowed; you can imagine what Christian lawmakers went and are still going through. Forced to support abortion.

3. Let's pray that GOD will empower them to stand for CHRIST till the very end
The LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in HIS glory Psalm 102:16

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