Success or More money?!

Of what use is money in the hand of a fool,
Since he has no desire to get wisdom….

It’s a scripture [Pro 17:16], amazing isn’t it? In other words it means, of what use is the whole point of GOD giving you life and you won’t do anything worthwhile with it?

Do you know you can be useless while you think you’re making the best of your life? It so sad today everybody thinks of  money, having more is number one priority, Men of GOD keep saying you’ll  be rich! You’ll be a millionaire! Worshippers pray for more money! And everybody loses sanity when it comes to money making.

I’m currently working on a project, at the end I saw myself making tonnes of money, and I didn’t like what I saw, a young guy who has made it and has the world at his finger tips. I felt established; I could now take a break from the whole worry of “working for more money”. It sucked real badly; I never want to have  that feeling of “I’m already there”, why? It’s like you’re making your own cancer cells, strapping yourself to a time-bomb like in the movies telling yourself #TIME-UP!

We should learn to pray for success no t riches, more resources not money why? That’s all you need in life. Life is like a crush, you like what you see, the person is amazing the way they talk, look and probably make you feel, you don’t care what it takes you would like to have at least a date with the person. The over whelming joy it brings to find out that you get married to the person is mind blowing, but you got blinded by love, you didn’t see the person’s flaws, in fact you thought they were perfect until a few years in marriage then you remind yourself how you fell in love in the first place, but the beauty is sometimes your spouse gives more than a reason to fall in love with them over and over again.

If you do a project, get a job or go to school because of money! You may not last long during the whole process; you may begin to hate yourself! It’s like getting married for the sex!
I hated science subjects like maths, chemistry and physics, but I had to do them in High school, so I could forge ahead in getting a degree in Agriculture, because it was about being successful not the money!

If you chase money, like an artist who wants to be famous, you may stop being relevant early in your career.

When you pursue success, like  Richard Branson, Dangote, Samsung Galaxy team, you would be hungry for more, and may end up being a CEO to tonnes of companies and still think you need to create more.

So let’s put the scripture above like this, “what’s the whole point of being alive if it’s all about money making, and not doing great things”.

                                    If you don’t love it [not like love!] don’t do it!!