So how well are you good with words!


The No. 1 way a marketer can prove himself is……….. selling ice to Eskimos and chopsticks to Chinese…..

Its all about words! How well can you make those words appealing, the expertise put into play in conjuring words together and making remarkable sentences is what differentiates a skilled and talented lawyer from any good lawyer….

Its only words that can make one feel an apple has orange juice in it; it’s the weapon of every marketer….

There was lady caught in the “art” of fornication, she was brought to JESUS that she should be stoned, JESUS didn’t want to say “hey! you guys do away with the law, and let her go, why in the world would you want to stone someone to death this hot afternoon?

HE simply put words to play and said if any of you has no sin cast the first stone! [a.k.a if any of you has never had sex outside marriage you can as well kill her]…….. and everyone was gone in no time.

CHRIST knew he was dealing with hypocrites!

Has anyone ever asked where the guy she was having sex with was or was she having it with herself!

Here is another one……………..

 CHRIST wanted to heal some guy who had health issues, and the law at that time was no one should work on a Sunday! So people were staring at HIM, if HE would heal the guy! [Healing was of the only job CHRIST was known for]

JESUS put words to play…. Would you do good or evil on a Sunday?![ Mark 3:4]

JESUS had to do what HE had to do to sell HIS product [salvation!]

So should you, be calm and be wise and put words to play and hey! Don’t lie OO!

Be on the lookout the way you talk to people your words could hurt……. Don’t tell a girl she now fat and ugly…… tell she’s looking a bit bigger, looking round and kind of rough around the edges………

Words go a long way, you need that skill……… Especially in addressing women…………

Are you looking for a way to sell ice to an Eskimo….. talk about global warming and the way all the ice is going away that he could buy your ice and save it… and the ice could be worth a fortune in the nearest future………

                  The power of life and death is in the tongue…………… Pr0 18:21