My Oga at the top! From another point of view


The 21st Century comes with a lot of responsibilities, it’s now a paramount thing for people to have or know certain things that we need not bother, about in the 70s and 80s.

You’ll be termed irresponsible if you do not own an email, your company will be of no significant importance without a Facebook page and you will be a start-up business going nowhere without a twitter account!

If you have any future plans for your establishment to be in existence in a decade’s time you will have to own a website and database for your company, and everything about the day to day operations should be automated to meet the standards of efficiency in this time and age!

Mr Shem Obafaiye, never saw it as an utmost significance, to know the website of his place of work, because he carries his day to day job without the need to have anything related to the website. Asking if he has a web-based email address of NSCDC (Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps), will be out of the question, because there’s has never been any need to have one and will there ever be one?!

Most people in the public service of Nigeria do not have a clue of their organization’s website and that’s if they have any! So it will be asking too much if Mr Shem knows the twitter handle of the NSCDC!

The people in the public sector do not know the vitality of these online tools every Tom Dick and Harry is using these days! They think it’s just about socializing or probably something that’s just child’s play!

These online tools like Twitter, Facebook, websites, database and many more, represent a company when the people are not there or available. It helps connect customers faster to their producers than a phone call.

 One can quickly post something on the wall of CNN other than visiting the head office. One could order a pizza through a tweet, and I usually check what movies the cinema is showing without having to take a long drive and play around time to find a suitable movie.

So the virtue of these social networking tools cannot be ignored, due to the roles they play, and these have so many shows, producers, organizations and many more always advertising their social handles every now and then. Some companies even hire people to promote their brand online and they also employ nerds to maintain their numerous accounts of any social network platform available!

The fellow “Ogaz” at the top seem to be failing to educate their fellow workers, about the teeny tiny details of their organization.

 Some employees don’t even know the mission statement of their companies, if they do, they do not understand what it means!

There should be some kind of training of all staff members at all levels, about what the organization is about. It could be the security guard that the customer enquires information from, it may even be the cleaners a client did be asking what’s the spelling of the institution’s name as he’s about to write a cheque.

 Change is at its very best these days, there’s no room to be old-school, and live within your convenience, it’s high time you get out there and check what everyone’s  doing, not joining them or become a Roman, but to improve yourself!