We are at war!

I received a call from my classmate telling me that a onetime freshman “Toke” is now pregnant for about six months….. This is the same girl I spoke about a while ago in this post ‘’Virginity where did we keep it” she was making fun of me about being virgin”.

I’m not writing this post to mock her in any way! I’m here to say we’re at war. I got to talk to her during her freshman year, about her Christian life; she complained that since she got into school, she hasn’t had time to have “a special time for herself and GOD”. She’s a regular Christian like me and you.

Toke was beautiful, when she arrived into our college, at the age of 16, she was full of life, and she got the chance to study the course she had always wanted. Toke even had a boyfriend who did not believe in pre-marital sex. The guy was not in the same school with us, she was later swayed by some guy, I don’t understand how she settled for him, and he was some kind of a rough and cultic guy.
Christians are losing it every day, the devil is moving like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour and he’s having some people for breakfast!

He that is standing should please take heed less he fall! This is the warning we’re given, try and always have the time to go into the presence of GOD daily.

Yes we have the flesh to battle with, but for every time you go on your knees [a sign of surrendering all!], into the presence of GOD you die every day to flesh and get stronger with GOD and you can be enabled to war with the enemy.