GOD is blunt!

You have to make effort!
With all the hazardous events people tend to conclude, that GOD doesn’t really care, about us! They claim “HE’s GOD, HE has the power to do and undo”.

Christianity is like fruits, vitamins and minerals we do not really make so much effort to take them, but immediately we’re sick and the doctor prescribes them, we claim to be consistent in taking them. But we fail and the circle goes on and on. And life can be so blunt, treat your body well you will live, don’t you will die! Cut your budget cost you’ll be rich or have enough, don’t you’ll end up poor!

In Exodus 17:11-12 the Israelites were at war with the Amalekites, GOD blessed them, in a way that if Moses raises up his hands they win, and they lose if he drops them. They had to make effort to keep winning, by putting up Moses’s hands when he got tired.
GOD was been frank there. He did not give Moses the power to raise his hands all day, because he had to be human at some point, everything cannot be handed down to him all the time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, trust GOD and you get a boost! But with hard work and discipline the journey gets completed!