When weird things happen!!

Call 1: do you know where the modem is?

Call 2: please have you seen any of my notes?

Call 3: did you see any netbook around there?!

Call 4: I need your help I need  some money?!

These are the calls I made in less than 24 hours! I was worried if I had my blood pressure taken at this time, the doctor will be worried at  what he’ll be reading! I was wondering what was going on! As we did our devotion this morning my dad says before you make a call to someone to solve your problem! First make a direct call to who really knows everything and knows why everything happens for a reason!

In the midst of all the confusion I knelt down I prayed! Everything was back to normal, the modem was somewhere in my laptop bag, my notes where were I kept them, the netbook, i left it in church and someone replied that it was safe, the guy who takes care after the church’s equipment kept it for me. For the cash I got excess supply!

I was well rested and happy that everything turned out well and I can sit back relax and have a happy birthday! Tomorrow!!

We tend to forget, that there’s someone up there who’s crazy about us and will do everything possible to make us happy (Isaiah 49:15)! To make us live in enormous joy that will bring glory to him! He loves like craze and he’s ready to do the outrageous for you only if you could give HIM a call!

GOD says HE’ll not forget you even even if a sucking mother can forget her own! How much do you need?

 HE said HE has your name written on HIS palm! HE doesn’t have you in HIS head alone but also to see you every time on HIS body!

The taught HE has for you are of good and not of evil! I once asked GOD does he see any one going to hell? Because HE could see the future! HE said no! Because of that promise, HE doesn’t  plan for the ones HE so loved and took HIS time to create to be in hell! Its just up to people to make efforts to come to heaven! HE’s arms are stretched to you, you just have to hold out your hand, he left HIS end to  come to yours, don’t keep waiting!

GOD was so pissed one time HE said are HE's ears deaf that I can’t hear your prayers (Isaiah 59:1)! HE’s listens to your every need! But answers at the right time and not the best time!

Learn to pray in the midst of the storm, so you can travel on gentle waters all day and all night long! 

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