Virtous lady (I will wait)

I refused to be distracted
By the different shapes and sizes flaunting in my face
Their various complexions
Do not have my attention
People always asking me the question
Why wait?
Why not wait?
They think I’m looking for the one with the V
I say there is a better V!
I’m in the board room meeting
And she’s the one chairing the occasion
I knew she was the one
She was different
She was not the best
She’s the only best
Merchants deliver her food
From afar!
That explains her price tag
Every story of her history
Is laced with greatness
Success is like everyday coffee to her
She doesn’t bother about excellence
Her being is excellent
She wears an expensive perfume not for being classy
It’s just her worth!!!
She doesn’t suit up because she has to
For it’s the only way to represent her prestige
Precepts and values, consistency and diligence, hard work and discipline
Are on her like tattoos
If she could only allow me to go on one knee for her……..
I promise to never cheat
No matter how the drums our marriage beats
No matter how much the temperature heats…..
I promise never to go with another under the sheets
I’ve said my byes to other ladies to say hi to you.
I came prepared for your heart
Not only with words or actions but with dedication
That there’s no one for me you’re my conclusion
Because without a doubt
You’re the woman in Proverbs 31…….

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;

    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Pro 31:30