Seriously what are you doing with your time!!

I read two articles in one way or another they were talking about the same subject, on Ynaija!, it was about Fmr. President Obasanjo, being afraid of the youth of today, about that the rise of unemployment and the second by Isioma Osaje about young people not getting a job but prefer being on twitter. But the fear on everyone’s mind is, for the upcoming youth having the power of the nation and the world at large in their hands! And we are not prepared!

I was talking to my classmate that do these people know that the job market is very competitive now, it’s not about your certificates, but what you have to offer, the employers know that the school system needs help they are not really teaching what’s needed in the market and the students are just in school to pass exams and not to learn.

Not too long I was telling a young man to be productive and stop doing nothing all day, but dedicating all he has to observing sports, listen to music and get to know the latest dance steps, I began to explain if at all you like these things so much why don’t you write stories on the things you watch on these sporting channels! Stop being a consumer, my former I.T will always say, you Nigerians keep on consuming and importing isn’t there anyone that has the idea of creating one these things you buy from foreign nations

I attended a leadership summit by Annabel Leadership Academy, between the 11th and 12th of December 2012, various dignitaries graced the occasion from political people Senator Obi, Fmr. Gov Donald Duke, Prof. Dora and the list goes on, to the entertainment industry, Ben Bruce, Genevieve, Omotola, Ali Baba and many more and they addressed many issues concerning, Leadership, unemployment and how to move the nation forward.

There were some remarkable contribution I would like to share…..

Leo Stan Ekeh, “CEO Zinux”
“In 21st Century all are called and all are chosen”
“You must be strong morally and spiritually and you must have style”
“When you make decision forget your emotions” “Build yourself as a “collateral”
“Be innovative, Ethical, Disciplined, and Flexible”

Fmr. Gov. Donald Duke…… 
“A true leader must know himself”, “don’t short-change yourself”
He gave a scenario, where David Beckham couldn’t play a match, but he coached from the line and lead his men to victory, you can only do this if you know yourself, and not being emotional about making decisions.

Pat Utomi…………….. “If you don’t know you can’t lead”, it’s not compulsory you know everything, nobody wants to follow a leader who has no sense of direction.
“You must have sense of service’’, “Courage to stand for what you believe in”, “Leadership is a process”, “Leadership can be learnt’’

Ben Bruce………. “You must have a plan”, “You must know your history”.


Prof. Dora Akunyili
“Apply emotional Intelligence to carry and pull people along”, “When you walk the talk, you make aggregate, mass and effective change”, “For you to do the right thing you have to keep clean hands”  “Be Courageous, Principled, Prudent”  

Prof. George Obiozor “Choose your enemies wisely” “Learn from others”
Senator Ben Obi “Leadership is not having the best of everything, but making the best of anything”

Ali Baba, “Always hit the Reset Button”, “Self Development” “Don’t drop your leadership level” (Don’t settle for less as you grow)

Omotola and Genevieve ....... “Nigerians should be creative”

Dr. William Tiga Tita
Leadership is like salt, if it’s too much people would complain, if it’s too little people would grumble but if it’s just enough nobody says anything about it, have you ever heard anybody say there about enough salt in a food.

Ali Baba, Tonye Cole of Sahara group, Ogbo, Nicolas Okoye (Host) and many other speakers, emphasized on the youths that they not being employable at all, at least “most”, they may have good certificates but they do not have anything upstairs.

The youths really are not capable, most of the job openings usually handed out; sometimes a thousand people come for the job opening and only a minute number of people do qualify for the job, and sometimes none.

The older generations are so concerned about the upcoming generation, that they do not entrust any role in our hands.

We all hated Gaddafi and his government, but see what happens when government changed hands, Egyptians are still on the streets, while Gaddafi is long gone.

Will we be ever ready? Yes! I assure you! I was preparing for an exam in year 2 and I told my classmate that we are all not studying hard, he says to me, no matter how much you think everyone is playing there’re still some people studying.

There are still some people preparing and working hard towards, self-development, leadership and doing their best the way they can in their own field.

I’m not really worried about this upcoming generation, about not being prepared and serious at all, because producers are always less than the consumers, on the stage is a star in the audience are a million fans, don’t be bothered to enter a room and find a few or nobody with leadership qualities.
Many are called few are chosen Matt 22:14………………………