Not this time…………………. Merry Christmas!!

Not this time, I’m holding your fist this time
Your hand ain’t hitting my cheeks this time!
I’m done playing your dog
My mother birth a child not a maid
You said you loved me, I wonder why you quit showing it?
Just because I decided to stay late with the girls doesn’t mean I’m irresponsible!
If you dare look into my eyes and call me fat and disgusting I’m going to smash your head against the wall!!
Didn’t we both have the children?
 I conceived them, you put them in me!!
We willingly entered this partnership together
 We called our marriage
It feels like two big business moguls in the same building
Who have different interests!
Not this time!
I’m not attending to your every need
You ain’t riding me like a horse tonight
I will dictate the position I want to play
And that’s if I feel like acting!
Right now I’m getting two glasses, go get the wine!
We’ll drink and eat the left overs of our marriage!
Like we’re supposed to do
There’s no way out of this deal
I threw the keys away the day I said for better or worse!
While you said for better or whores
Sit down and be a man
Don’t ever judge me again for the remaining years I have with you
Till I bury you as the tradition does
Let GOD be the judge
And let man live by HIS rules
Merry Christmas!!!!