My fuel again!!!

Why is there this big crave for we the masses to buy Petrol without subsidy?! Sanusi still insists that we get back on the brouhaha of removal subsidy! The Federal Government thinks they have done a Heroic deed by saving N657 Billion through partial removal of subsidy on PMS! So what happened to the N5 Trillion that went missing under their watch!!

Well any Nigerian in my shoes will think Sanusi deserves to be shoved off! First he destroys the banking sector, using an approach that was not humanly and professionally worthy, he found all the corrupt practices going on in the banking sector but no banker agrees with his tactics and some new logistics he got ongoing, thank GOD for the people who got in his way with the N5000 bill, maybe in didn’t bribe them enough.

Why do we pay so much compared to other countries for PMS that produce crude oil? We are number one in Africa and part of the top 10 in producers in the world and we have a large consumer base of our oil not only outside but within. A producer will only pay so much attention to “delicate consumers” that consume his products because without them, his business will go down and the humungous profits will despair, so why are we the center of attention than the consumers outside the country?

The citizens of a country are known to make a living off the activities or resources they are known for. For instance China is known to generate its own revenue from being a producer of everything and anything you can think of or they just copied it, Ghana is known to live off its cocoa, America has tonnes of companies and businesses employing tonnes of people and generating their capital for the economy through tax, but in Nigeria it’s different.

In countries where Crude oil is being produced, the citizens pay for PMS at a very low price, like Libya and Venezuela, and they get allot of benefits and incentives from production, they have a minimum wage our country cannot compete with, and let’s not talk about how The United Arab Emirates live off their Crude oil, and how far they have gone with the development of their nation.

We produce Crude oil, why don’t we live off solely or mostly on the money we generate from exports? Why is the indigenous trade so important to our tyrannical warlords “the Government”? They need our money to fuel their corrupt lifestyles! We’re a country of over 160 million not giving damn if our government cares about us or not, we make a living not off the oil we generate because we see no benefit of it, it’s a curse than a blessing. We make a living off the hustle and bustle (huzle), of the undying spirit of every Nigerian that never says die, or quit, to think for one moment how life would look like or feel like if our government really did care about us.

So we are like the consumers outside the country, that makes income from other means and come to the Crude oil market, and buy what we want and go, the Nigerian buyers in this market are the best customers, the producer does not need to worry about the price of his commodity in other places! He does not try to adjust for the benefit of anyone! 
Because he is the only supplier!

Monopoly! Sole proprietor! He can decide to sleep when his mates are working, he can increase the price, when he feels to gather more assets and be listed on the Forbes lists! he can do whatever he wants, decide to fire his workers, not even pay them or even careless if he is polluting the environment, and the people whose lives are ruined are of his no business, he can absolutely be free like a mad dog with no leash, creating havoc wherever he goes, his actions are not questioned, if you try he’ll crush you or buy you out.

The Go-green initiative can’t take place in Nigeria, some people will be pissed, if people can go the extra mile to ruin our power supply for them to sell generators and more fuel to the people, how much more when hydro power cars begin to roam the streets of Nigeria, it’s like someone proposing suicide to someone who loves life.

You’re Nigerian you’re important, without your efforts this country will be down on its knees, thank you for not giving up on this country, that’s why we’re where we are due to the Grace of GOD and the efforts made for a better tomorrow. Whether you’re within the country or diaspora, keep flying the two coloured flag, because you count.  It’s only a matter of time, victory is within the mile, or probably just a reach away!

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah. Psalm 46:1-3,7