In love or lust!!!

In love or in lust with GOD!!

Before we get into a relationship its either we love the person we are getting involved with, or we are just interested with the gifts the relationship will churn out, how we act in the long run of the relationship tells in the long run what we were really interested in the person or the privileges they bring, take a ride with me and find out what you really wanted with the big guy up there when you started your walk with him, or find out what kind of relationship people think they have with HIM (GOD)………………………..
First things first, people like GOD because He can do amazing things no one can, some people are actually saved because of this fact. Probably GOD did something amazing in some people’s lives when they needed it the most and out of the question they just ask the big guy up there and he answers, or HE just intervenes in the situation and takes the wheels and wheel you to the right track.

And after that what happens? Some people forget a GOD even exists, while some actually want more of what happened and get really serious with HIM, and have a relationship with HIM and while another set of people actual want to get it with the man behind and the act, they want to know why and how HE does what HE does and they fall in love with HIM…………….
In every relationship there’s always the rough patch! Is there a rough patch with GOD? O Yes!! The relationship with GOD bears one of the and only roughest patch any relationship will ever have and it’s the condition of your heart towards HIM that tells how sour or sweet your ending with GOD on earth will be like……….
This is how people turn out in relationships with GOD……………
For the people who ask GOD for help out of the blues, and later forget HIM, and then again come back to ask HIM for help and always does what they want not because HE is stupid, HE’s just ever loving and HE never forsakes people when they turn to HIM………..
For the people who want GOD to keep on doing amazing things in their lives as HE started are the kind of people who do the things the other party doesn’t like in relationship or they are just not ready to play by the rules of any kind of relationship at all. They always want to act as they will and still think they can get with what they want. GOD forgives and GOD forgets is one attribute of HIM they take for granted, they pay for it at the end of day, how? They don’t actually get better things as other people get when they are in love with GOD. They are the same set of people who just want to go to heaven but don’t live right; they still do their dirty deals, party like no tomorrow, have that dirty sex and live like HIS son “JESUS” is not coming soon. It’s such a pity a number of these people end up in hell and some people by HIS saving grace end up in the arms of the saving one.

People, who really love GOD, are the ones who get into the rough patch with GOD. They take into consideration what GOD wants and doesn’t, they find out it’s hard to live without the bad habits, they are used to. Some people have to actually have to do without some relationships just to please GOD, who is now their father, some have to quit their jobs, fold up their business or quit doing that dirty deal that brings food on the table to please GOD who now is their friend. These things are actually hard to do forsaking your old life all for HIM its actually possible by the grace HE makes available. These kinds of people get the best of out their relationship with GOD and they do not end up in divorce in reality, because they will do all they can with the help of GOD to save every good relationship in their life.

When your relationship gets better with GOD you begin to notice that everything goes according to plan, because GOD makes them be and as your friend in some instances HE would move in your favour, your fear turns to courage everyday as you realize HE really did create everything for your dominion. You really need to hear the experiences true Christians have with GOD, amazing I tell you.