Don’t act! Be Nigerian

It’s really appalling when some company in the Western world or in South Africa decide to set up a branch or some  kind of headquarters in Nigeria and they bring along their Western minds and forgetting they are in the Nigerian time zone Terrible!
It’s quite tragic when I turn on my T.V watching some program minding my business then some LG or Samsung Ad pops up showing white people, I’m like how many white people do I see or relate with every day except my neighbours who are Indians, which they don’t count for the Westerners, they keep shooting these White people in our black faces no offense meant!

South African companies don’t think, or even know they can conquer the African market on their own without setting up a major branch in Nigeria, they keep on churning in companies after companies, like the major strategy consultants tell them down there is, “set up a company here in S.A and another in Nigeria”, I’m sure they almost set up an electoral post here!

With so many South African products and services they refuse to advertise the Nigerian way, they keep on using the same Ads they use in their country in our home town and that’s no way for any visitor to feel at home its horrific, having a guest getting too comfortable in my own home, when I’m not really happy you’re making money off me, and I’m making pennies!

Microsoft introduced their Windows 8 mobile phones by Nokia about a week ago and they didn’t use any Nigerian ambassador for the brand, (I’m not aware of any), and the Ad in my face is some Ad I can barely relate with. Big ups to Google when they brought in their Gmail service for Nigerians, making it available, by speaking our language and getting through to us!

In Rome you act like a Roman, in 9ja you have to do more than acting to get into our market you’ve to “Be Nigerian”, don’t come speaking  Fonee (giving us western accent) like Etisalat did, when they just arrived, they were all about the big grammar, but later they broke it down the 9ja way! Abi now! Na so e dey happen joor!

[These wannabes should take a cue from the Lebanese and Indian firms in the country!]

Samsung, Always sanitary pad and Dettol shouldn’t give themselves credit for using black people for some of their Ads, yes it’s the same continent and colour skin but for every mile there’s another set of people with a different culture, and all the way from there to here they must have passed by some culture I can barely relate with.

So for all the Wannabe Nigerian companies, before you plan on touching down on Nigerian soil forget your ways  and pick our style which is Nigerian, we down to earth no matter what! And please don’t fall into the trend of using celebrities in your Ads as most companies do these days, it’s cool but the message don’t seem to get to us, Indomie doesn’t use any celebrity that I know of, work on the technique and the style just be creative, there’re lots of bright Nigerian Ad producers around just look around and you can call me be to be the judge! Seriously! “+2348135158516”!!

To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.
1 Corinthians 9:22