#Beauty #SpokenWord

I wear push up bras because I’m not fully grown

I’m tired of being pretty which is already known

I want my inner beauty to be fully shown

I want to be the one he calls his very own

I’m no longer shy with my thighs

It’s time to be attractive

He sees them and says am his number one

And he calls me beautiful

His words says love

His actions spells lust

I got pregnant

And he’s love distant

And I took it out for him

Turning my womb to a tomb

Every time I see a mother with her child

Or when they celebrate mother’s day

Something within says I could have being a part of that party

These accusations kept coming

Cause I was charged and found guilty

No defender for my case

No one to set me free from the law of sin

I couldn’t claim righteousness

Because I didn’t recognize the father who was righteous first……..

And I don’t know HIS son who is the way the truth and who 
life freely!.................

The only reason they called me beautiful

Because I gave them a reason

         They don’t really say it to my face………….

They saw my nudity and termed it beauty

So when a guy call’s me beautiful

I try to look around check where I left open

And I find out I left my scarf at home

And he looks at my chest and wishes to call it his own…….

I’m always with so much apparel

I can hide away in this new shell

Where he who wants me

Has to look within to find my true beauty…………

Because I have accepted HE who went under life’s cruelty

So I could have an identity

HE that is in me is greater than HE that is in the world……….