Proud 2B S.U

                        I'm black, an S.U and proud!!!!! 

 I have been really concerned about my Christian life cos of all the comments I have been hearing about till today!!!

I stepped into the gents to ease ma self! And a "guru" in academics in ma class who doesn't really talk much (he's an introvert!!) But we kinda talk sometimes!! Was quick to ask me as I stepped in that “I heard you don't talk in exam!! That you prefer to get zero!!”

I was like you guyz have being talking about me! Cos he was not there when I told some peeps! I wasn't gonna be talking in this exam we started today!! I said "Ama JESUS" person! He threw ma words back at me,  “we aint JESUS people abi!!!”  I said “there are Christians and there are Christians!!! There is the counterfeit and there's the original!!”

He threw ma reply back at me! “So we're the counterfeit abi!” I replied back “I didn't say so! You did!!!”

I started shouting Hallelujah to my Christian brother "Poca", he was like what!!! 

I could not explain to him, that I have being tagged among the S.Ues (the JESUS JESUS people)! Then some boy told me that why I’m I shouting Hallelujah!! Why should a person like me be shouting Hallelujah! Well I was too excited to be depressed by another!! Misinterpretation of my personality as a non-christian!!

 As I finished my exam! I had a research I had to do on my entomology practical! So asked my classmate "Hottie" for her blackberry, cos my internet subscription had finished!! She said she wanted to use her phone in a test!!

I was like WHAT!!! (Students use their phones during a test!! By googling the answer!!) She said Bless I aint like JESUS JESUS you!!

Wow I was really happy!! I was filled with joy! The joy trashed the bad feeling I had not finding Poca cos I got my stuff in his crib, (his crib is right in front of school so I carshed in there before we went to write our exam!!) Right now am locked out! My system is in his crib and I wanna blog about this whole S.U thing!! Am using Hottie's fone!! ATM

Why people miss interpret ma personality as a non-christain iono!!!

Poca had to crash in ma crib for a while, its quite a long time ago!!  Because he had crib issues!! So he kinda knew me well for a good Christian! He was hanging out with some people some time ago and they started about me!

"Bless can really sleep around" Yeah did you see hiim with that girl in class and they were like, hugging and.......
Poca: are you guyz for real!  Seriously!!

When Poca told me this! I was depressed! The thing about the girl I was hugging in class! She's Hottie's cousin! And she was giving all the guyz attitude when she came with Hottie to class! I asked why she was acting like that?! All of a sudden we hugged! She was trying to say she got no attitude!

Immediately I heard this! This scripture came to head when Paul was writing to the Corinthians about not letting your freedom let people who are weak sin (1Cor 8:9)!! It got to me! It was like a heart break!!!

 The next incident was when I went on my Exchange Trip! And Poca had the opportunity to be there when some Pastor Dude! (He's in charge of music in his church!!!)

He said during the whole trip he had no one to relate with! And Poca mentioned me “what about Bless”!! Nope! Bless! Nope! I couldn't relate with him! I was bewildered  but I recall chatting with him about some Christian stuffs during the trip! We didn't talk a lot but I thought we connected! I even showed him my blogs!

He told Poca that it was my frendz!! They aint really good that I need to change my frendz!!
Poca said I told him one time about ma frendz! That I wanted to change them or I have even changed them!

It really gets to me when they misinterprete by peronality! First I didn't care!! Until ma Pastor preached on our righteousness being better than that of the Pharisees (the wordly people)! Unless we are not going to enter the kingdom of GOD (Matt 5:20)

So this new gospel the youths preach these days about not giving a single thing about what people say about them! Its pretty wrong I understand not caring what people say, when they talk trash about you! When they hating on your success!!  I understand all that!! But not when it comes to Christianity!!

 You got to defend your Christian swag!! With all you can!! You can't afford to let people say trashy things about your Christianity! You can't do anything about it by going to explain yourself to them but you have to do a rain check on your life!!! And make sure its good!! 

 As Poca will always say "Orun lo sure ju". Heaven is the only sure the place! Is the only sure thing!!!!
Let's act on what Paul was telling the Philippians to watch their salvation with fear and trembling!!!! (Phil 2:12)

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