First it was crude oil now its Okada…………………..

There’re more motorcycles than they’re humans in Republic of Benin and Togo, and they live in peace and harmony. They even see the bikes as the way out of their problems, where they see solutions, that’s where we see a lot of problems abound in. Does this just tell us that we don’t know how to manage ourselves let alone our resources? Like the way Malaysia got palm oil from us now they are the world’s leading producers, I’m sure so did Togo let alone Benin adopt the idea of using Motorcycles as means of transport.

Like Government like people, the government is so corrupt, the minds of the people are so polluted, they lack the know-how of how to live right, the government doesn’t know how to manage the oil for our benefit, the people don’t know how to manage themselves for their own good.

Its ok when we see the government as some sovereign Lord that we can’t question their acts, but when we begin to see the people in the motorcycle transport business (Okada) around us as lepers, we stigmatize like the white British fans and the black and British footballers like we are all not humans. They’re business men like you and me, sometimes you close your eyes to the ills of the environment and still let the cash roll in, they act in the same way like you.

When we complain about our oil and its mismanagement we blame the government for being too selfish and corrupt with our own resources they manage it like it’s their own, and forget it’s not their birth right. We attach our present setbacks in the country to the government that acts like a war lord only to carry the spoils of the land for his tent alone and forget the soldiers that went with him into the unsettling grounds of war!

A fraction of us found a way out of this strive and decided to buy for themselves motorcycles as means of transport, which increases the length of days to be spent because a way of survival has been found. Many people smuggle all the little change they can find into this little business and they pull their bikes into any major city they can find, people have come from the far north to the city that never sleeps “Lasgidi”, some places have even being named after this business “Okada village” in Benin city.

They do not even know any rule concerning the automobile or what the law of the land says! But wait what did the watch dogs of the land do when they saw the eruption of this business nothing! As far as they could churn some money from their pockets calling it “tax”, they bother less about the acts of the “Okada business”.

Like an untamed stallion the Okada drivers ravage the streets, not having to worry about the people they kill, the blood pressure of other motorist they rise and even the damages they incur on themselves, the only thing on their mind not minding if it leads to their own demise is “getting to their destination at all cost”.

The major benefit of the Okada business is the amount of traffic it cuts, in the city that breathes traffic, its trilling I tell you when you have to only spend 10 minutes than 2 hours on the road; it helps one to arrive at places on time.

The one who started this ban against the Okada business is the one with the better “four eyes”, he probably sees things we can’t see with our ordinary two balls. Some people bless him for the ban and they get bastardized, while some people just curse and say he longer knows what he’s doing and I just analyze the situation and write about it! 

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?