Another hit on our faith

Fill the form they order him! Oh fill it now or I will fill it for you and you’ll face the panel!!

His palms are sweaty! He’s shivering! From top to bottom he’s soaked in his shame! He can’t believe it, his fear controls his words and actions don’t know what to do with all the ripple effect of his frivolous actions! He can’t put all the pieces together how he got here!

Fill the form! He hears again and wishes this was all a nightmare. All I could say was not you again! In Year 2 this same guy was caught talking in the exam hall, about 20 marks were deducted from his work; the dude took his biro and shaded the reduction.

The guy supposedly did not submit his script at other points of submission, but to the Lecturer who did “the mark reduction”, the man was so pissed he wanted to deduct more! This guy started begging, and saying that he wasn’t in his right senses, he wasn’t alright that please he was sorry!.....................

They filled it for him while he answered the questions! He was going to face panel for his illegitimate act during an examination, he had some papers on him with little things scribbled for his eyes only but they were about the exam we had today!
He claimed innocence, that he was about to ask who had it, that’s the reason the paper was in his hand as they caught him red handed! It doesn’t take an expert to tell he was lying; he was quivering with fear as he was in between confessing and denial!  

This guy is an executive in his church; everyone was claiming that he was a cool guy that he can’t do something so terrible……………………………………………

I’m going to see for myself, it can’t be true! He took so many students school fees………………….

This is another guy, he told some students he had paid their school fees (he was supposedly meant to pay in the Main Campus he had to travel for about 2 hours), and handed the self-made school fees receipt to the students, but students got to know it was all a lie as they checked their profiles online, bewildered they were! No payment was made!

This guy is the brother to some Christian sister who is a big time executive of the Christian body in school, and also an executive in a big fellowship in school I’m not going to disclose names. Why he did it we don’t know, he was a big representative of the student body number 3 in power in school it was a big shame to the student body……………………………….

Why did you finish so early?  Is there any problem? Why are you leaving so early?
I hesitated as I was questioned! How did I get here as well I thought anyone but me couldn’t be found in this kind of situation, but I tried to play along trying so hard the man doesn’t smell the guilty odour!

As I was writing the types and number of spiracles of insects have, this lady beside me opens her skirt, and one will think she was doing it for some scratch that couldn’t wait for her to get to the loo! She had scripts of paper attached to her lap all for the reason to pass without studying! PATHETIC!

 Did I want to report or get attention? Yes! Yes! Yes! Did I want to cause commotion in school and get cult guys after me? No way! I felt really uncomfortable what kind of situation is this? I almost confessed to the man as he interrogated me! He let me go when he realized other students were also submitting too (the exams were easy!)

Why do people go to great lengths to cheat their way into success? Why do we forget the meaning of hard work or its benefits at all? But why of all people Christians do the unthinkable that’s despiteful just to be under the lime light as well? Don’t they know they’re staining the Christian faith with their actions?

   People always want short cut like some guy said in some movie, if you want to be rich work hard, if you want to lose weight hit the gym, there’s no short cut to success than the long road of working hard.

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th  president of America, he was born weak but embraced a strenuous life, he was many things before he became president I can only name but a  few, a naturalist, explorer, boxer, hunter, author and soldier, he was a hard worker and believed in delivering an assignment to the very end, there was a time he was about to say a speech he got shot, that was not a road block for him but mountain born to be climbed and read the speech, some people would claim he knew he was going to die at a young age of 60 that’s why he worked hard all his life……………………………………

Let’s not give up the proper values of life for the pleasures of life earned from an illegitimate way! Don’t let go of the hammer because there’s no way those nails are going in except you hit, when you hit hard everything will fit right and all the pieces of your life will stay and remain strong, because you believed and lived with the right precepts of life.

Bad people go far good people go farther………………….

There’s no story to be told from a short cut, but you can write a book from the long journey of success…

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.