You could be the Uniport Boys or Amanda Todd

We all started the month of October, with different things on our plate but not all of us got to finish our dish, but some people have exited the restaurant in ways you can’t imagine……..

They were birthed the same way as you, their mothers had the same plan as yours, they also wanted something 
better out of life, they made plans of the future……….

Amanda Todd would love to have “a happy ever after story” with the love of her life…………

Biringa Chiadika Lordson would like to make some remarkable achievements in art as he graduated from the University of Port-Harcourt.

Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor in his second year would like to be counting the number of years left for him in school.

 Mike Lloyd Toku will do all he can to give his parents a good result, during his time in school

 Tekena Erikena will be more than happy for his friends that they were in school and he would like to see progress in his own life as well…………..
                                        (You can Google Uniport Boys or Amanda Todd to know the full story!)

Immediately some people heard the news, about the Uniport boys and Amanda Todd, they were quick to judge, and made judgments like they were some god with a perfect life.

Before some people knew the true story behind the Uniport boys they already said that the boys deserved death since they were portrayed as thieves……..

Its only a hard hearted and cold blooded human with a heart of stone with no regard for human life that would watch that video and think those boys deserved death!

I was in Accra Ghana in a market waiting for my wrist bands, for names to be inscribed on them, when my classmate showed me the video, I wasn’t myself for the next one hour, I was in state of shock! I kept on saying no matter the crimes of these people they did not deserve death! At all! No way!

It was not too long I posted an article “PLAY GOD” on how people in Nigeria are quick to lynch people if they are caught and paraded for stealing….

But something went wrong along the line; someone took advantage of them, of their vulnerability and made them miserable for the remaining time they had left on planet earth.

A time you would wish your enemy not to spend his last days like that!

Don’t judge………..

There’s this one rule that keeps me from judging people, “whatever flaw you see in people and you judge them, will be the same thing you’ll be doing”, it’s true! I have seen the same thing that I criticize in people happen to me (Matt 7:2)

No one is perfect, learn to correct in love, you might do the same thing if you were in their shoes!
There’s a Yoruba proverb that says “it’s only the person that’s wearing the shoe that knows where it itches”……….. 
Take time out before you go criticizing people in the spot light, they are human like us, and they can afford to make mistakes!

My friend once said that, these people have cameras tailing them day and night, with their every movement right there in the papers for you to read and run them down, on Facebook for you to share and chastise, and on twitter for you to retweet and laugh your butt out!

You would actually show case some terrible acts, when tailed by the camera all day! We’ll not only know you for what you are but who you really are!

I’m saying don’t judge but at the same time I’m not saying all the acts of the people in the lime light are always right!

Mercy of GOD (Rom 9:15)

It’s sad when people say there’s no GOD, (Ps. 14:1), its not only with your words you can say there’s no GOD but with your actions!
 People tend to forget that what they are today is by HIS mercies!
 You’re no way better than Amanda Todd or those Uniport boys, you probably did more ridiculous things in school, and got away with it!

 Some people did some really stupid things online and they are not in any way in danger!!
We are what we are by HIS mercies!! (Lam 3:22)

Be more grateful and achieve a lot……………..
Something to take from all of this, and the way people are dying unexpectedly around the world is this, “we have a few seconds left”,(Ps. 39:5) on this stage “LIFE”, in just a moments the show might be over, you’re left with just a little opportunity to prove to GOD “who HE made” and “to the world  what you are” (Matt 5:16), before you see the “Coming of CHRIST you don’t know”………

You might have a life that’s not behind bars, you might have never had the course to be charged to court or have to go to rehab, your life may be following the plan its meant to……..

The people having the cuffs on their hands don’t wish to have it, you may think they deserve what they’re getting, they are not having a good time at all, they wish their life turned out right and they did not let down so many people in their lives…….
The person sitting on the electric chair, wishes his life turned out right like the person about to read his sad story in the papers.

Next time you see someone in a place you wish never to be in, look at the person not with an attitude of thanksgiving that you’re not in their shoes, but with heart compassion that it could have been me, because they’re human like me, they deserve a life that I have but something just went wrong somehow, somewhere, and I’m grateful for your mercies O LORD!……………………….

The gift of the life, should be like wine, it should get better as it gets older, accomplish while you have the time, never envy people, or put them down, ‘you’re not better neither are they’, the one thing that should run through your mind is…………….

 It could have been me doing that did that evil thing!! Be grateful for the mercies of the LORD! That everything went well and it’s going right! And if it’s not, appreciate the fact you’re alive (Ps. 150)!!

It could have been you thank GOD you’re having a nice run!