Not even a single phone call!!

My dad is an amazing man; he supports me in everything that I show interest in and likes to know the progress I make in every endeavor, he loves so much he gets really angry when I take actions without his consent.

He hates to find out when I and my band have a show and I do not tell him, or seek his consent, he was really angry one time when I went for show I told him two weeks before that day, but I did not call him about my movements on the d-day, he was annoyed and I felt very sorry.

We make so many decisions in life, and not involve the ones who love us in our decisions, they find it quite insulting, degrading and end up been embraced when they are the last to know about your decision.

 It’s quite appalling, having to explain your actions been having to take them without acknowledging them.

There’s a couple that lives not too far from my house, the boyfriend moved in with his girlfriend when she moved in, it had all the facilities he did not have, then all of a sudden money strolled in to his hands, he went behind her back and renovated his house without her knowing.

Only to find out someday, his friend was in there chilling, when he travelled, the supposed friend knew about the whole thing and she didn’t, she was furious and humiliated, because she was just passing by with a friend that couldn’t comprehend the whole affair.

We’re of the image of GOD, (GEN 1: 26), and we obviously display some of HIS characters, because HE HIS our father and we inherit them.

In those days the Egyptians had the finest military, the best of the best chariots, which could defeat anyone!

In Isaiah 30, the Israelites took refuge in the Egyptians, without the counsel of GOD! HE was enraged at their actions that how could they, act on their own without his knowing!

GOD caused their plans not to work out; HE made all the arrangements worthless.

In verse 15, HE made some promises for them if they did return to HIM, HE promised to save them and bless them.

If we humans can be infuriated, when we’re not taken along in the plans made by the ones we love, how much more GOD!

Sometimes we assume that they know already, but there’s no way in the world they can know what’s going on in our minds, even GOD that knows wants you to acknowledge him so he can direct your path.

A footballer cannot win a match by himself, except he shares the winning plan he has with his teammates!

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