No Surprise Party for you?!

My mum was telling about how she planned a surprise party for my dad before they got married………..

He got to her house; he was wondering why there were so many cars in here, and what were his classmates doing in her house, when did they become close!

All of a sudden he steps into the house and it was a surprise!!

It will actually be a big flop, if a surprise party is organized for you and you don’t get surprise at all!

But there’s one surprise party that should not surprise you at all! If you’re surprised you did be in trouble!

Yes it’s a party for you that will come at the time you don’t expect and it’s meant to shock you but not bewilder you at all!

The day CHRIST comes should not surprise you like a thief (1Thess. 5:4), it will happen at the time you least expect, when you’re not knowing, you would be caught unawares, but not unprepared, because you’re not of darkness, where every deed and action of theirs is of evil intent!

When you’re of the light (Christianity), you’re living for CHRIST and your way of living should please GOD! (1Thess. 5)

Earth is just a training ground! Don’t get too comfortable here!!!

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