More reasons to fall in love with a virgin

People being hating on a virgin because they lack experience, they do not know to get the deal done, they have no skill or whatsoever, they don’t  know the technical know-how and they are in no way resourceful! People believe no matter how good they are they will still be lacking in one way or another!

Sorry to say virgins are the best to have untouched, and unarmed, you don’t know the abilities that lie within, fans judge players by the goals they score but a coach will be patient with a player by the height he can attain with his player…………………

And your human mind thinks am talking sex!!!! This is a Christian blog! You won’t catch me saying things like that! But still a virgin is still the best! How?

Born in city how we love the fast life, technology at our finger tips! The gist of every happening at every sound wave! There’s no dull time, the city is like some party with happy hours that run all time! Nonstop! No ending to all the juice and goodies flowing! But all of a sudden the Director of a manufacturing company in New York! Is told to go manage the upcoming branch in the rural area in Warri Nigeria! How pathetic! He must hate the promotion, with demotion benefits!

The wife will stop attending fund raising events, which were for the places she’s about to go to! The kids will change environment, friends, schools and most especially life!

There’s no one that likes the raw material, no one likes to start from the beginning, everyone likes to build on people’s work, and they like to advance on people’s achievements’!

In my second year in College of Agriculture O.O.U the Lecturer of General studies in Agriculture,  the practical aspect, told us its either we start a fish pond or we go open a virgin land, where we had to fell trees, weed some stubborn grasses, do the abominable just to get the land cleared! And we have to plant and harvest the crops and sell the produce and bring the profit! There was no way in our tender, fresh innocent days of our youthful lives in school were we going to do all that! Well my guess is you know what we did!

There’s a lot that lies within under developing countries, the place is virgin pure waiting for someone to bring something new and creative, opportunities lie within the land, there’s about little or no competition around, there’s room for you to be heard!

You have to be extraordinary brilliant for your idea to be known, your voice is lost among all the shouts and screams roaring in the city! Fine I understand the fact of not been afraid of competition! My mum says its better to be a small fish in a big pond and grow than be a big fish in a small pond!

This is different! Don’t be afraid of starting something new no one has ever done!  Thinking outside the box it’s what this generation needs! It doesn’t need another musician singing within three verses, with party beats and repeating a few words over and over! Like the dictionary ran out of words and Google probably can’t supply more than regular everyday English words!

Its time you take an idea that they said will never work, and repeat it more than a thousand times till you get answer that has never been heard before! It’s time to stay put in place that has never been ventured to, and discover all the riches that lie within the land! And put the place and its people on the road map and have your name in history books!

Then you can be the 9th wonder after me the 8th wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go work with that individual that everyone has claimed to be difficult and unproductive!

You will need help from THE BIG BOSS (James 1:5), HE gave us someone who will teach you all things and give you tips no book can and will! (John 14:16), I call HIM H.S you can call HIM anything you want to when you guyz get close!

Don’t be afraid (2Tim 1:7)! To venture out GOD likes people who hate the normal and want to do the extraordinary, and HE never fails in any new adventure read the book of 1Samuel and 2Samuel of all the adventures of David from his teenage years and all the brave things he and his soldiers did! They were pretty amazing! 

A long time there was famine and everyone moved to where food was abundant, Egypt! But Isaac was told to remain in the land, where nothing grows! If you have the BIG BOSS GOD! Command, you have to do it and follow blindly! He stayed put and obviously GOD came through! When others say there was a casting down GOD said there’s a lifting up! (Gen. 26)

Next time you’re given a job everyone hates, rejects, which seems difficult, say little prayer and greet it with a smile!!

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to the FATHER who is in heaven!! Matt 5:16