Let go of the WHEELS!!!!

I just arrived from an Exchange program, organized by my association IAAS (International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences) of which I’m the P.R.O locally.

We went to Ghana, Benin and Togo, we arrived last week great experience, it was my first, as we unpacked, I left one of my hand luggage, while we were unpacking, it contained my wallet, BIBLE, a book by Bill Clinton on Giving and other things, I searched for it but to no avail, I asked the other people I traveled with, they all didn’t see it, including the driver who did a clean sweep of the vehicle.

One of my classmates was surprised at the attitude I was showing towards the incident, I was cool calm and collected, well I couldn’t be bothered because my BIBLE was in it, the HOLY BOOK I read everyday get missing! Was never a thought to me! I knew I would find the bag. I went back to where we unpacked and there it was lying there waiting for me untouched and nothing stolen.

Coming home for the weekend, I boarded a cab to the bus station, there was a kid sitting right next to me I asked who she was, and the driver explained, she was going to drop along my route, so as we were about moving her mum was giving her instructions, “make sure Lati calls me when you get there”, “Make sure you leave that place when its late”, “Make sure you do this and you do that”, and the woman went on and on, but she intensified, on the phone call, she wanted to give the girl her phone number, the girl claimed she already knew it!

The thing that ran through my mind was, “How can someone send a little girl as this at this time of the night to accomplish so many tasks?”, I was so curious about how little she was, I asked her how old she was, she said 9! She’s 9 years of age!! That’s how old my “BABY” brother is! I can’t imagine my mum putting my brother in such position, I can imagine how my dad would react if he heard.

But she trusted her daughter, she did not seem worried, she wore a look of assurance, knowing her child would do all she asks, from a far distance.

I went to see my aunt who just arrived from Minna, Niger State, as I was heading back, I boarded a tricycle to connect my bus, that will get me home, the tricycle was moving at a pace, if I decided to start running I would be way ahead of it, but the driver had a smile on his face, like he knew what he was doing, then all of a sudden the bike gained speed and we all stopped complaining.

We’re humans, we’re born to be worried, but to quit been anxious when we have GOD, it’s not easy to stop our mind from wondering around for solution when bad situations arrive, and the volume of the problem just turns up, we tend to forget about the promises HE made for us, we are meant to sit down relax while runs the show.

These days we’re so in a haste to take control of the wheels, and make the directions in which our lives will turn, but we end making a mess and a times we get punished. (Isaiah 30)

(MATT 6:25)

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