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You can shop here and use everything here for free! No matter how much you want it’s for free!!!!!!

The market place is getting too competitive, too many sellers, with so many buyers only interested in the best product! To be the only thing selling in the market, producers are offering their items for free!

As man evolved with time, he learnt, he loves music so much, he wanted a piece of every artist, then the recording of songs on portable devices became the next thing, songs were recorded, sold to fans, and everybody was happy.

The artistes made a lot of money and but not for too long, so many artistes want to be in the lime light, so they offer their songs for free, you can download them online and they can reach more people! Artistes are slowly saying bye to making money off selling records!

If more people sing your songs, and you’re the No.1 thing people are talking about you would sell!


When shows are organized fans will troop in, Companies would like to use you for AD campaigns, because whatever “the famous artist” says people do and the ripple effect just goes on for offering your services and products for free!!!

To get an operating system and other softwares for a computer used to cost a lot! And manufacturers banked a lot of many home, but it didn’t last long, many producers wanted to be the reason why people use computers, they offered their software for free, and gave the prominent guys a run for their codes!!

There’s a company that ran on Microsoft Products, they had to pay yearly for the services. The Google Company came along and provided the same services for a tiny fraction, a new year came and the company moved to Google’s side!
Microsoft cut down the charges of the product for half the price; it wasn’t able to compete with the what Google was asking.

Microsoft setup a committee to combat every Google marketing strategies.
Apple just offered their iOS for free (which used to cost a lot) when people like Google and Linux have being offering theirs for free!

How do they make their money back!

When you become the only thing people cannot do without, they wake up every day with your product, they have to breath with your service, they need your tools to make business a success which leads to making ends meet!

People are able to put their business out there due to Facebook, Companies can have a one on one meeting with their users via Twitter. Google puts people out there for the world to find while searching! 

All these services are provided for free and the providers are making their money back by Ads! It cost a lot to put up Ads on sites visited all the time! There are promoted results as you search or surf these social sites.

People do a lot of charity work these days, big tycoon business men, they spend most of their time or leave their jobs to face charity work full time, helping the human race and the world be a better place!

 How do they make their money back?

Bill Gates left his work table to face the charity table, he and his wife are investing a whole lot in helping to find a cure for AIDS, and they are making gradual progress, and in doing this they helping nations around the world, who have citizens who don’t have and can’t afford health care packages!

If for any reason let’s say, Bill Gates has an idea to start up a business organization in some community, he has spent a lot of money in saving the lives of people who would have been dead, and the population of that community could have been counted with fingers!

Would the people deny him the permission to proceed?
Would the government of that area refuse him the authorization to establish his plans?

If Bill finds the cure of HIV virus, Do you know how much he would make? Not only would he be known for bringing progress to the No.1 tool every man needs today “computer”, he would also help save the human race from being wiped out by the deadly virus!

The best way to make money these days is to produce for free, it won’t be easy at first, but you would be churning out a lot of success at the end!!

THE best things in life are

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven Ecc. 3:1

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; Ecc. 3:6