Dedicated to the duty

A soldier trained, will do only one thing obey all commands, been ordered to him, he follows them like a robot, and acts on all without question, uses his best to produce an expected result that’s good.

When a woman is in labor she’s asked to push, to use all that’s within her to push out the baby and birth a perfect result.

We’re born robots whether you like it or not, we all have assignments already put down for us (Col 1:16b), it’s just for us to discover them and use the tools (skills, talents, opportunities….) GOD gave us to achieve the set out goals of GOD.    

We should use our might to do a job we have accepted, like a mother has accepted there’s no turning back in birthing a perfect result “baby”, the soldier has no choice but to handle the task at hand.

Like a footballer, he has to do all he can on the pitch, because he’s going to see his result on the table, news and reviews, every action produces a result.
We do all we have to do on earth and we see the result in heaven.

Our work will be tested with fire in heaven (1Cor.3:13)……. We will have to account for the jobs given to us on earth, did we do all we were asked to do on earth? Did we do everything with all our might to produce the best result that’s expected of us?

We are meant to give our best to all assignment given to us by GOD or man!

The secret of excellence (outstanding “to be clearly noticeable”)
Have you ever asked the secret of why people are excellent in what they do?
Excellence is not a vague thing, its dedication giving our time to which is give to us, people excel because they give every chance and time to all the work they given.
PR 22:29  Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

The attribute of a dedicated person………

ü  He has no time to waste, he maximizes every little time he has…..…
ü  He’s always seen doing their work, for instance dedicated musicians are always busy with their music.
ü  He’s focused, diligent  and zealous “he’s drive is the duty”
ü  He is not slothful always ready, to give his all at all times Romans  12:11 (NLC)
ü  He’s always interested, he’s not lazy; (lazy is resting before you’re tired), he does not rest until he has pushed himself  to the limit
ü  Faithful in his duties, the person maximizes all his duties. He does not need to be checked upon, no supervision needed, Heb 3:2!
ü  Doing things without complaining or murmuring, without arguing (Phil 2:14)
You have to be an early riser, you wake up on time to get the task done on time,  (Proverbs 19:15)
Even when given a free will to get a job done, you will have to accomplish the mission on time, don’t drag the job, or joke with the task at hand Mark1:35 *JESUS rose early to pray about the task at hand*

Areas we need to be dedicated
ü  Evangelism – in our service to GOD! We should always go about the “GOOD NEWS” 2Tim 2 vs. 4-5, Mk 16:15, Matt 5 vs.7
ü  Intercession – stand in the gap for people (1Tim 2:1-2)
ü  Kingdom service- Give yourself to the work of LORD(1Cor 15:58, Heb6:10)
ü  Using your gift for the work of the kingdom Ex 35: 30-33 “Craft men dedicated to build for GOD”
ü  Service to humanity, visiting the poor, orphan, widow….. James 1:27, Matt 25: 34-36
ü  In our Academics, we should learn to give our all!
ü  In your family be dedicated, as father be committed to every member of your family, learn to take care of the people GOD has put in your care. As a mother be devoted to your family be all you can be to sustain the family (Proverbs 31 :10-31). As a child be loyal to authority (Eph. 6:1-3), to the ones GOD has you above you (Eph. 6:5)   
ü  Helping others to fulfill their purpose “Modecai and Esther ”

Discovering someone has talent and helping the person to bring out such talent

How we help people fulfill their purpose, by identifying with them, find something they are interested in and you also like and move on from there. You have to learn to tolerate, be patient, persevere, because its important to you, to bring out the best in them which will at the end make you fulfilled, its takes guts to mentor someone older than you, it takes endurance and persistence to nurture your child, and takes perseverance to groom your friend. In all pray to GOD help out, HE will show you how to go about it.

We should be dedicated to our calling and our profession Nehemiah, earned his name in the Bible and having a book after him, because he was dedicated to the work of GOD, and when challenge arose as he was about the work, he did not falter, he was zealous about getting the job done.

Joseph was still about looking for dreams to interpret even in the prison, Gen 40: 6-15

In turning a vision into realities, we must learn not to make a mountain out of a mole hill, learn to not to see impossibilities but challenges, and learn to move on after conquering, do not reflect on pass glory and don’t let previous setbacks affect you level of delivery! Like Joseph (in Genesis) learn to move on and attack each task more passion, zeal and be enthusiastic as ever!

Prayer Points :-
1.   Give me the Grace and Spirit to be dedicated
2.   Help me put my all into what you have given me (Phil. 4:13)
3.   Help me put my life in order, in order to do all that is expected of me (Pro 3: 5-6)  

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