More reasons to fall in love with a virgin

People being hating on a virgin because they lack experience, they do not know to get the deal done, they have no skill or whatsoever, they don’t  know the technical know-how and they are in no way resourceful! People believe no matter how good they are they will still be lacking in one way or another!

Sorry to say virgins are the best to have untouched, and unarmed, you don’t know the abilities that lie within, fans judge players by the goals they score but a coach will be patient with a player by the height he can attain with his player…………………

And your human mind thinks am talking sex!!!! This is a Christian blog! You won’t catch me saying things like that! But still a virgin is still the best! How?

Born in city how we love the fast life, technology at our finger tips! The gist of every happening at every sound wave! There’s no dull time, the city is like some party with happy hours that run all time! Nonstop! No ending to all the juice and goodies flowing! But all of a sudden the Director of a manufacturing company in New York! Is told to go manage the upcoming branch in the rural area in Warri Nigeria! How pathetic! He must hate the promotion, with demotion benefits!

The wife will stop attending fund raising events, which were for the places she’s about to go to! The kids will change environment, friends, schools and most especially life!

There’s no one that likes the raw material, no one likes to start from the beginning, everyone likes to build on people’s work, and they like to advance on people’s achievements’!

In my second year in College of Agriculture O.O.U the Lecturer of General studies in Agriculture,  the practical aspect, told us its either we start a fish pond or we go open a virgin land, where we had to fell trees, weed some stubborn grasses, do the abominable just to get the land cleared! And we have to plant and harvest the crops and sell the produce and bring the profit! There was no way in our tender, fresh innocent days of our youthful lives in school were we going to do all that! Well my guess is you know what we did!

There’s a lot that lies within under developing countries, the place is virgin pure waiting for someone to bring something new and creative, opportunities lie within the land, there’s about little or no competition around, there’s room for you to be heard!

You have to be extraordinary brilliant for your idea to be known, your voice is lost among all the shouts and screams roaring in the city! Fine I understand the fact of not been afraid of competition! My mum says its better to be a small fish in a big pond and grow than be a big fish in a small pond!

This is different! Don’t be afraid of starting something new no one has ever done!  Thinking outside the box it’s what this generation needs! It doesn’t need another musician singing within three verses, with party beats and repeating a few words over and over! Like the dictionary ran out of words and Google probably can’t supply more than regular everyday English words!

Its time you take an idea that they said will never work, and repeat it more than a thousand times till you get answer that has never been heard before! It’s time to stay put in place that has never been ventured to, and discover all the riches that lie within the land! And put the place and its people on the road map and have your name in history books!

Then you can be the 9th wonder after me the 8th wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go work with that individual that everyone has claimed to be difficult and unproductive!

You will need help from THE BIG BOSS (James 1:5), HE gave us someone who will teach you all things and give you tips no book can and will! (John 14:16), I call HIM H.S you can call HIM anything you want to when you guyz get close!

Don’t be afraid (2Tim 1:7)! To venture out GOD likes people who hate the normal and want to do the extraordinary, and HE never fails in any new adventure read the book of 1Samuel and 2Samuel of all the adventures of David from his teenage years and all the brave things he and his soldiers did! They were pretty amazing! 

A long time there was famine and everyone moved to where food was abundant, Egypt! But Isaac was told to remain in the land, where nothing grows! If you have the BIG BOSS GOD! Command, you have to do it and follow blindly! He stayed put and obviously GOD came through! When others say there was a casting down GOD said there’s a lifting up! (Gen. 26)

Next time you’re given a job everyone hates, rejects, which seems difficult, say little prayer and greet it with a smile!!

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to the FATHER who is in heaven!! Matt 5:16


You could be the Uniport Boys or Amanda Todd

We all started the month of October, with different things on our plate but not all of us got to finish our dish, but some people have exited the restaurant in ways you can’t imagine……..

They were birthed the same way as you, their mothers had the same plan as yours, they also wanted something 
better out of life, they made plans of the future……….

Amanda Todd would love to have “a happy ever after story” with the love of her life…………

Biringa Chiadika Lordson would like to make some remarkable achievements in art as he graduated from the University of Port-Harcourt.

Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor in his second year would like to be counting the number of years left for him in school.

 Mike Lloyd Toku will do all he can to give his parents a good result, during his time in school

 Tekena Erikena will be more than happy for his friends that they were in school and he would like to see progress in his own life as well…………..
                                        (You can Google Uniport Boys or Amanda Todd to know the full story!)

Immediately some people heard the news, about the Uniport boys and Amanda Todd, they were quick to judge, and made judgments like they were some god with a perfect life.

Before some people knew the true story behind the Uniport boys they already said that the boys deserved death since they were portrayed as thieves……..

Its only a hard hearted and cold blooded human with a heart of stone with no regard for human life that would watch that video and think those boys deserved death!

I was in Accra Ghana in a market waiting for my wrist bands, for names to be inscribed on them, when my classmate showed me the video, I wasn’t myself for the next one hour, I was in state of shock! I kept on saying no matter the crimes of these people they did not deserve death! At all! No way!

It was not too long I posted an article “PLAY GOD” on how people in Nigeria are quick to lynch people if they are caught and paraded for stealing….

But something went wrong along the line; someone took advantage of them, of their vulnerability and made them miserable for the remaining time they had left on planet earth.

A time you would wish your enemy not to spend his last days like that!

Don’t judge………..

There’s this one rule that keeps me from judging people, “whatever flaw you see in people and you judge them, will be the same thing you’ll be doing”, it’s true! I have seen the same thing that I criticize in people happen to me (Matt 7:2)

No one is perfect, learn to correct in love, you might do the same thing if you were in their shoes!
There’s a Yoruba proverb that says “it’s only the person that’s wearing the shoe that knows where it itches”……….. 
Take time out before you go criticizing people in the spot light, they are human like us, and they can afford to make mistakes!

My friend once said that, these people have cameras tailing them day and night, with their every movement right there in the papers for you to read and run them down, on Facebook for you to share and chastise, and on twitter for you to retweet and laugh your butt out!

You would actually show case some terrible acts, when tailed by the camera all day! We’ll not only know you for what you are but who you really are!

I’m saying don’t judge but at the same time I’m not saying all the acts of the people in the lime light are always right!

Mercy of GOD (Rom 9:15)

It’s sad when people say there’s no GOD, (Ps. 14:1), its not only with your words you can say there’s no GOD but with your actions!
 People tend to forget that what they are today is by HIS mercies!
 You’re no way better than Amanda Todd or those Uniport boys, you probably did more ridiculous things in school, and got away with it!

 Some people did some really stupid things online and they are not in any way in danger!!
We are what we are by HIS mercies!! (Lam 3:22)

Be more grateful and achieve a lot……………..
Something to take from all of this, and the way people are dying unexpectedly around the world is this, “we have a few seconds left”,(Ps. 39:5) on this stage “LIFE”, in just a moments the show might be over, you’re left with just a little opportunity to prove to GOD “who HE made” and “to the world  what you are” (Matt 5:16), before you see the “Coming of CHRIST you don’t know”………

You might have a life that’s not behind bars, you might have never had the course to be charged to court or have to go to rehab, your life may be following the plan its meant to……..

The people having the cuffs on their hands don’t wish to have it, you may think they deserve what they’re getting, they are not having a good time at all, they wish their life turned out right and they did not let down so many people in their lives…….
The person sitting on the electric chair, wishes his life turned out right like the person about to read his sad story in the papers.

Next time you see someone in a place you wish never to be in, look at the person not with an attitude of thanksgiving that you’re not in their shoes, but with heart compassion that it could have been me, because they’re human like me, they deserve a life that I have but something just went wrong somehow, somewhere, and I’m grateful for your mercies O LORD!……………………….

The gift of the life, should be like wine, it should get better as it gets older, accomplish while you have the time, never envy people, or put them down, ‘you’re not better neither are they’, the one thing that should run through your mind is…………….

 It could have been me doing that did that evil thing!! Be grateful for the mercies of the LORD! That everything went well and it’s going right! And if it’s not, appreciate the fact you’re alive (Ps. 150)!!

It could have been you thank GOD you’re having a nice run!

No Surprise Party for you?!

My mum was telling about how she planned a surprise party for my dad before they got married………..

He got to her house; he was wondering why there were so many cars in here, and what were his classmates doing in her house, when did they become close!

All of a sudden he steps into the house and it was a surprise!!

It will actually be a big flop, if a surprise party is organized for you and you don’t get surprise at all!

But there’s one surprise party that should not surprise you at all! If you’re surprised you did be in trouble!

Yes it’s a party for you that will come at the time you don’t expect and it’s meant to shock you but not bewilder you at all!

The day CHRIST comes should not surprise you like a thief (1Thess. 5:4), it will happen at the time you least expect, when you’re not knowing, you would be caught unawares, but not unprepared, because you’re not of darkness, where every deed and action of theirs is of evil intent!

When you’re of the light (Christianity), you’re living for CHRIST and your way of living should please GOD! (1Thess. 5)

Earth is just a training ground! Don’t get too comfortable here!!!

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Not even a single phone call!!

My dad is an amazing man; he supports me in everything that I show interest in and likes to know the progress I make in every endeavor, he loves so much he gets really angry when I take actions without his consent.

He hates to find out when I and my band have a show and I do not tell him, or seek his consent, he was really angry one time when I went for show I told him two weeks before that day, but I did not call him about my movements on the d-day, he was annoyed and I felt very sorry.

We make so many decisions in life, and not involve the ones who love us in our decisions, they find it quite insulting, degrading and end up been embraced when they are the last to know about your decision.

 It’s quite appalling, having to explain your actions been having to take them without acknowledging them.

There’s a couple that lives not too far from my house, the boyfriend moved in with his girlfriend when she moved in, it had all the facilities he did not have, then all of a sudden money strolled in to his hands, he went behind her back and renovated his house without her knowing.

Only to find out someday, his friend was in there chilling, when he travelled, the supposed friend knew about the whole thing and she didn’t, she was furious and humiliated, because she was just passing by with a friend that couldn’t comprehend the whole affair.

We’re of the image of GOD, (GEN 1: 26), and we obviously display some of HIS characters, because HE HIS our father and we inherit them.

In those days the Egyptians had the finest military, the best of the best chariots, which could defeat anyone!

In Isaiah 30, the Israelites took refuge in the Egyptians, without the counsel of GOD! HE was enraged at their actions that how could they, act on their own without his knowing!

GOD caused their plans not to work out; HE made all the arrangements worthless.

In verse 15, HE made some promises for them if they did return to HIM, HE promised to save them and bless them.

If we humans can be infuriated, when we’re not taken along in the plans made by the ones we love, how much more GOD!

Sometimes we assume that they know already, but there’s no way in the world they can know what’s going on in our minds, even GOD that knows wants you to acknowledge him so he can direct your path.

A footballer cannot win a match by himself, except he shares the winning plan he has with his teammates!

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Let go of the WHEELS!!!!

I just arrived from an Exchange program, organized by my association IAAS (International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences) of which I’m the P.R.O locally.

We went to Ghana, Benin and Togo, we arrived last week great experience, it was my first, as we unpacked, I left one of my hand luggage, while we were unpacking, it contained my wallet, BIBLE, a book by Bill Clinton on Giving and other things, I searched for it but to no avail, I asked the other people I traveled with, they all didn’t see it, including the driver who did a clean sweep of the vehicle.

One of my classmates was surprised at the attitude I was showing towards the incident, I was cool calm and collected, well I couldn’t be bothered because my BIBLE was in it, the HOLY BOOK I read everyday get missing! Was never a thought to me! I knew I would find the bag. I went back to where we unpacked and there it was lying there waiting for me untouched and nothing stolen.

Coming home for the weekend, I boarded a cab to the bus station, there was a kid sitting right next to me I asked who she was, and the driver explained, she was going to drop along my route, so as we were about moving her mum was giving her instructions, “make sure Lati calls me when you get there”, “Make sure you leave that place when its late”, “Make sure you do this and you do that”, and the woman went on and on, but she intensified, on the phone call, she wanted to give the girl her phone number, the girl claimed she already knew it!

The thing that ran through my mind was, “How can someone send a little girl as this at this time of the night to accomplish so many tasks?”, I was so curious about how little she was, I asked her how old she was, she said 9! She’s 9 years of age!! That’s how old my “BABY” brother is! I can’t imagine my mum putting my brother in such position, I can imagine how my dad would react if he heard.

But she trusted her daughter, she did not seem worried, she wore a look of assurance, knowing her child would do all she asks, from a far distance.

I went to see my aunt who just arrived from Minna, Niger State, as I was heading back, I boarded a tricycle to connect my bus, that will get me home, the tricycle was moving at a pace, if I decided to start running I would be way ahead of it, but the driver had a smile on his face, like he knew what he was doing, then all of a sudden the bike gained speed and we all stopped complaining.

We’re humans, we’re born to be worried, but to quit been anxious when we have GOD, it’s not easy to stop our mind from wondering around for solution when bad situations arrive, and the volume of the problem just turns up, we tend to forget about the promises HE made for us, we are meant to sit down relax while runs the show.

These days we’re so in a haste to take control of the wheels, and make the directions in which our lives will turn, but we end making a mess and a times we get punished. (Isaiah 30)

(MATT 6:25)

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Dedicated to the duty

A soldier trained, will do only one thing obey all commands, been ordered to him, he follows them like a robot, and acts on all without question, uses his best to produce an expected result that’s good.

When a woman is in labor she’s asked to push, to use all that’s within her to push out the baby and birth a perfect result.

We’re born robots whether you like it or not, we all have assignments already put down for us (Col 1:16b), it’s just for us to discover them and use the tools (skills, talents, opportunities….) GOD gave us to achieve the set out goals of GOD.    

We should use our might to do a job we have accepted, like a mother has accepted there’s no turning back in birthing a perfect result “baby”, the soldier has no choice but to handle the task at hand.

Like a footballer, he has to do all he can on the pitch, because he’s going to see his result on the table, news and reviews, every action produces a result.
We do all we have to do on earth and we see the result in heaven.

Our work will be tested with fire in heaven (1Cor.3:13)……. We will have to account for the jobs given to us on earth, did we do all we were asked to do on earth? Did we do everything with all our might to produce the best result that’s expected of us?

We are meant to give our best to all assignment given to us by GOD or man!

The secret of excellence (outstanding “to be clearly noticeable”)
Have you ever asked the secret of why people are excellent in what they do?
Excellence is not a vague thing, its dedication giving our time to which is give to us, people excel because they give every chance and time to all the work they given.
PR 22:29  Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

The attribute of a dedicated person………

ü  He has no time to waste, he maximizes every little time he has…..…
ü  He’s always seen doing their work, for instance dedicated musicians are always busy with their music.
ü  He’s focused, diligent  and zealous “he’s drive is the duty”
ü  He is not slothful always ready, to give his all at all times Romans  12:11 (NLC)
ü  He’s always interested, he’s not lazy; (lazy is resting before you’re tired), he does not rest until he has pushed himself  to the limit
ü  Faithful in his duties, the person maximizes all his duties. He does not need to be checked upon, no supervision needed, Heb 3:2!
ü  Doing things without complaining or murmuring, without arguing (Phil 2:14)
You have to be an early riser, you wake up on time to get the task done on time,  (Proverbs 19:15)
Even when given a free will to get a job done, you will have to accomplish the mission on time, don’t drag the job, or joke with the task at hand Mark1:35 *JESUS rose early to pray about the task at hand*

Areas we need to be dedicated
ü  Evangelism – in our service to GOD! We should always go about the “GOOD NEWS” 2Tim 2 vs. 4-5, Mk 16:15, Matt 5 vs.7
ü  Intercession – stand in the gap for people (1Tim 2:1-2)
ü  Kingdom service- Give yourself to the work of LORD(1Cor 15:58, Heb6:10)
ü  Using your gift for the work of the kingdom Ex 35: 30-33 “Craft men dedicated to build for GOD”
ü  Service to humanity, visiting the poor, orphan, widow….. James 1:27, Matt 25: 34-36
ü  In our Academics, we should learn to give our all!
ü  In your family be dedicated, as father be committed to every member of your family, learn to take care of the people GOD has put in your care. As a mother be devoted to your family be all you can be to sustain the family (Proverbs 31 :10-31). As a child be loyal to authority (Eph. 6:1-3), to the ones GOD has you above you (Eph. 6:5)   
ü  Helping others to fulfill their purpose “Modecai and Esther ”

Discovering someone has talent and helping the person to bring out such talent

How we help people fulfill their purpose, by identifying with them, find something they are interested in and you also like and move on from there. You have to learn to tolerate, be patient, persevere, because its important to you, to bring out the best in them which will at the end make you fulfilled, its takes guts to mentor someone older than you, it takes endurance and persistence to nurture your child, and takes perseverance to groom your friend. In all pray to GOD help out, HE will show you how to go about it.

We should be dedicated to our calling and our profession Nehemiah, earned his name in the Bible and having a book after him, because he was dedicated to the work of GOD, and when challenge arose as he was about the work, he did not falter, he was zealous about getting the job done.

Joseph was still about looking for dreams to interpret even in the prison, Gen 40: 6-15

In turning a vision into realities, we must learn not to make a mountain out of a mole hill, learn to not to see impossibilities but challenges, and learn to move on after conquering, do not reflect on pass glory and don’t let previous setbacks affect you level of delivery! Like Joseph (in Genesis) learn to move on and attack each task more passion, zeal and be enthusiastic as ever!

Prayer Points :-
1.   Give me the Grace and Spirit to be dedicated
2.   Help me put my all into what you have given me (Phil. 4:13)
3.   Help me put my life in order, in order to do all that is expected of me (Pro 3: 5-6)  

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How would you plan a one way trip to your dream land?

Imagine that place you have always wanted to live in, and you get a notice that, you’re finally invited to come and spend your last days, there! How would you prepare?

I remember my first trip to England, wow! I packed every and anything, I thought about the worst and the best that could possibly happen it was exciting.

Having to know never coming back, what are the things you would do in preparation?

You did do important things, like make impact to the people around you, making people have a blissful memory of you.

You would make sure you leave a clean record; you will try not to break any law and have no prison record at all.

You would make sure what people have to say are about you are good and they would have no ill thought of you.

You would begin to imagine where you’re going to, and begin to imitate their live style, and begin to get accustomed to the way they dress, eat, talk and so on. You would like to know the history of the place.

Finally your mind would be at rest because, you’re leaving this place someday for a better place, so no matter what happens to you’re not moved, or influenced to act negatively towards where you’re going………………….

What are your plans for your one way trip to heaven?.................Are you exited?
HEB 10:34  For ye had compassion of me in my bonds, and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that ye have in heaven a better and an enduring substance.

Are you making any impact in the place that you find yourself? And are you surpassing expectation at it? (Ecc 9:10)

What kind of life are you living? Can anybody vouch for your righteous living? (MATT 5:20 )

Few moments ago somebody asked me if I was going for a party happening tonight and my classmate laughed, there’s no way you can see him there.

A marathon is not done in a few seconds, it takes a while and a lot, so is the heavenly race (Heb 12:1), anything can get you disqualified, when facing the panel (1Cor. 3:13), you must do all that it takes to win.

                      You must make your mind not back out, on your plans in gong to heaven and be excited.
MAT 5:12  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in                 heaven……………………………….

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*FREEE!!!* is the new price tag!!

 GO! Shop now!!!! 4 *FREEE!!!*

You can shop here and use everything here for free! No matter how much you want it’s for free!!!!!!

The market place is getting too competitive, too many sellers, with so many buyers only interested in the best product! To be the only thing selling in the market, producers are offering their items for free!

As man evolved with time, he learnt, he loves music so much, he wanted a piece of every artist, then the recording of songs on portable devices became the next thing, songs were recorded, sold to fans, and everybody was happy.

The artistes made a lot of money and but not for too long, so many artistes want to be in the lime light, so they offer their songs for free, you can download them online and they can reach more people! Artistes are slowly saying bye to making money off selling records!

If more people sing your songs, and you’re the No.1 thing people are talking about you would sell!


When shows are organized fans will troop in, Companies would like to use you for AD campaigns, because whatever “the famous artist” says people do and the ripple effect just goes on for offering your services and products for free!!!

To get an operating system and other softwares for a computer used to cost a lot! And manufacturers banked a lot of many home, but it didn’t last long, many producers wanted to be the reason why people use computers, they offered their software for free, and gave the prominent guys a run for their codes!!

There’s a company that ran on Microsoft Products, they had to pay yearly for the services. The Google Company came along and provided the same services for a tiny fraction, a new year came and the company moved to Google’s side!
Microsoft cut down the charges of the product for half the price; it wasn’t able to compete with the what Google was asking.

Microsoft setup a committee to combat every Google marketing strategies.
Apple just offered their iOS for free (which used to cost a lot) when people like Google and Linux have being offering theirs for free!

How do they make their money back!

When you become the only thing people cannot do without, they wake up every day with your product, they have to breath with your service, they need your tools to make business a success which leads to making ends meet!

People are able to put their business out there due to Facebook, Companies can have a one on one meeting with their users via Twitter. Google puts people out there for the world to find while searching! 

All these services are provided for free and the providers are making their money back by Ads! It cost a lot to put up Ads on sites visited all the time! There are promoted results as you search or surf these social sites.

People do a lot of charity work these days, big tycoon business men, they spend most of their time or leave their jobs to face charity work full time, helping the human race and the world be a better place!

 How do they make their money back?

Bill Gates left his work table to face the charity table, he and his wife are investing a whole lot in helping to find a cure for AIDS, and they are making gradual progress, and in doing this they helping nations around the world, who have citizens who don’t have and can’t afford health care packages!

If for any reason let’s say, Bill Gates has an idea to start up a business organization in some community, he has spent a lot of money in saving the lives of people who would have been dead, and the population of that community could have been counted with fingers!

Would the people deny him the permission to proceed?
Would the government of that area refuse him the authorization to establish his plans?

If Bill finds the cure of HIV virus, Do you know how much he would make? Not only would he be known for bringing progress to the No.1 tool every man needs today “computer”, he would also help save the human race from being wiped out by the deadly virus!

The best way to make money these days is to produce for free, it won’t be easy at first, but you would be churning out a lot of success at the end!!

THE best things in life are

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven Ecc. 3:1

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; Ecc. 3:6