Why should all be well?!!

You know that feeling when you’re broke and you don’t have what you usually have and you begin to panic when the demand for the things you lack begin to arise like money, sometimes it may be food, immediately you get any slight feeling of hunger you begin to panic and wonder when the next meal will come……………

Remember that feeling, when you have so much you don’t really care what’s happening around you, you may have so much or just enough amount of money and when the need arises you don’t really care, a times you don’t even attend to it.
You can be hungry and have all the food in the world in your crib but you just fill so lazy to cook or make a meal, in all you are so confident, relaxed and you know all is well…………….

Do you know that you’re the same person, experiencing the same situation but giving different attitude towards it!
Why can’t you maintain or posses the same attitude of when you have everything in abundance and not let the bad situation have the best of you!

Having a curse but making it feel like a blessing…………………

I was in a bus yesterday en route school, and there was this baby seated next to me, his mum did not carry him, she put him next to me in which he bugged me the whole time but with my earphones in my ear and with Bill Clinton’s book on Giving in my hand, I did not let him have my whole attention. His mum only laughed as he threw tantrums.

His legs kept on hitting mine, but the thing about them was that they felt funny, so I looked at them and looked away, but there was something about his legs that caught my attention and I stared at them and I realized he was disabled, the feet were curved like a comma, as I stared the mum looked at me and I took my eyes off.

I was extra nice to the boy when I noticed his deformity, he even put his arm on mine in a resting manner feeling like a boss. 
The boys mum never for once had a sad face, you can never see it on the mother’s face and figure out whether she was bothered about the fact that her son may not walk like other children would, in fact she had the look of someone raising a perfect child with an expectant future……………..

Not moved by situation……………..

I was expecting some money in my account, but it had not been posted, I had to wait with a friend, we were both waiting for the money our parents sent to us in our separate accounts.

I arrived the bank by 1pm by 3pm nothing had been sent, my friend Yemisi, had already received hers, and she was still waiting on me and she was threatening to leave……..

I had to leave school on time, my bus fare was part of the things I was going to use the money for, it takes about 3 hours from my school back home. And I wanted to meet up with a spiritual exercise in church by 11pm to 2am and I have to be well rested before then and I most have blogged for you by then.
Fear popped in “will I be trapped here and not do all that I have to do today”, I was free no academic activities this week it’s just extracurricular activities, I wanted to leave and the bank was about to determine my fate…………………..

Well later the money was posted and you’re reading this blog. Yemisi was bothered about my attitude towards the whole situation , I didn’t seem disturbed at all because I just knew all will be well and the Big Guy Up There was in control

I don’t care………

I had to take a cab to connect my busses, the cab driver almost hit some kid selling “Pure water”, the man commented “this boy almost got himself killed over N10 (far less than a dollar)”, the boy didn’t care less what anybody thought he crossed the road did not know what he just escaped, he was even selling his product and not minding the incident that would have befallen him.

I care too much…………………

On my trip down to Lagos from Abeokuta in Ogun State, there was this woman next to me, who just finished an ushering job at some event, and was bothered about her kids she wanted to go get them from school, and it was way past the normal time, she was so worried, she was thinking out loud and she kept on saying “my kids my kids”.

I said all will be well. She made a call to the children’s school, only to find out they were already been picked by another member of her family
Imagine you watch your kid walking so carefully all the time, and her reason is “an earthquake might just happen”, the ground would swallow her up anytime, and she wants to be on the safe side.

We like to play safe, agitated when things are not going so well, and we forget the playbook is in the hands of the “BIG GUY UP THERE”, if only we learn not to be  worry warts about everything when the baker already knows the oven will be this hot, to make a remarkable cake.

J.C in the OLD BOOK, gave examples of how little creatures do not care about how they will live they just live, have you ever seen sad look on a bird wondering if he’s going to get breakfast! No because GOD already got the bill! (Matt 6 vs. 25-34)

The one thing is this, don’t let the bad guy down there, get the best of you, in all situation tell yourself “All is well” and to make the devil and people wonder at how you’re handling the situation, act like you don’t care and it never happen and dwell on the one who is directing this movie, he throws in a lot of incidents, because the movie is not ending soon and HE wants you and everyone around to have an happy ending!

“All can be well if you want all to be well! ”

Mattthew 6 vs. 25 - 26

He is jealous for me, 

Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, 
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy. 
When all of a sudden, 
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, 
And I realise just how beautiful You are, 
And how great Your affections are for me. ..........
 By David Crowder Band "How he loves"

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