When the only currency you have is your integrity!!!

I got to the cinema late to watch a movie, I met the movie half way, I was really disappointed at the end, so I decided that I can’t pay to watch a movie “half-way”, so I went to the gents and took “a very long time” in there, because people that come out from there are not questioned by security.

I waited for “a very long” couple of minutes before I went back to watch the movie from the beginning ………….

It was way wrong, because I did not pay for the movie for the second time, but it felt right, I paid full price for the movie the first time and I only got half of what I paid for! And the lady on the counter told me “the movie just started”……..

Part of me wanted to leave, another part wanted to stay, I only watched up to the part where I met the movie and I left, I felt justified…..
What if I was harassed by the guards, and questioned?!! Dealt with in such a way I would look like some criminal!!!

What if I got myself in a position I had to call my parents to get me out?!!!
What if the guards started a scene and I also reacted aggressively and someone just had to be there with a camera and I end up on youtube with a million views!

It would have been embarrassing! Disgraceful and humiliating!
A guy with so much credibility threw out his integrity to be trampled!

From then on I promised myself never again to watch a movie in the cinema without paying for it!!

It was up to me to do what I had with my integrity. But what happens if one is forced to throw the rules in thrash, bend or break the law and do away with every moral value just to make it in life.

Situations will show up that will demand your integrity, and will want you to put your standards aside and roll in the dirt, it’s up you and how far have you made up your mind to live and be right?

The integrity of the upright guides them,
    but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity…PRO 11:3 

Its simple your precepts, values, virtues and principles will guide you, lead you and at the end of the day establish you.

A righteous man who walks in his integrity—

How blessed are his sons after him. PRO. 20:7

I like the look on people’s face when I mention my dad’s name………

 To his friends, they say he’s good man, they ask about him and how is doing…..

To his Co-workers one man insisted that your father doesn’t do anything that’s wrong, he’s a just man…

To the junior staffs “he’s a great boss”…..

And the remarks are impeccable and I’m happy, he saved a lot of integrity and he’s able to spend it and he’s getting great results

 A while ago, I told one of my friend’s Yemisi, I don’t have any cash on me, but I can still have lunch in the cafeteria now! How? I would be spending my integrity.

So how much is the worth of your integrity? How many people can vouch for you? How far can your integrity go?

Imagine you own a company and someone wants to apply as a marketer and he says I’m Hitler’s Grandson!!! What would you do?

“Your bank account can leave you in the dark but your integrity can light a path”

“Financial status can take you far, but integrity takes you farther”

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