Vanity upon Vanity! GOD made it

I tried talking to some Christian brothers to vote for me, as I was going for an electoral post in school, “General Secretary”, and all they said was heaven is the only thing that’s ( in their own words) “for sure” , they insisted that everything in this world is just vanity upon vanity……
He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap Ecc 11:4

Seriously, these type of Christian people piss me off with all their vanity talk! They believe that one should not strive so hard to get better things in life, like material things and achievements and all,  they make themselves feel good by telling themselves that what if we die now all the things we’ve been working hard for or attain will be all gone.
Do whatever your hands find to do well, because there’s nothing to achieve when you die Ecc 9:10…………

Their way of living reminds me of a man, whom a master gave a talent to and he refused to do anything with it, while the other two workers whom the master gave five and four talents respectively, did a whole lot with theirs and even doubled what they were given Matt 25 vs. 14-30……..
In the story of the talents the, master gave them their talents and left them……………

Some people make do with what they have in very little time and achieve a whole lot and at a very young age………

Yes vanity upon vanity there’s really no gain………………….

Some people just sit back and complain, like the servant that was given one talent he buried his and gave it back to the boss, his boss was so pissed that he said “at least you should have kept it in the bank to gain interest”, some people cannot create or bother of making anything, and they would refuse to get a job to at least make a living. They become a waste of space and a waste of resource to GOD.

When all you live for is yourself and forget that you don’t own your breath, all you gain in life is vanity , you become so ambitious you do all that’s not expected of you to reach the finish line.
Its saddening one’s heart to find out the rich, great people and people who have accomplish a lot, commit suicide.

How can someone who has the world’s outstanding event as a record unbroken be morbid?

My mum says, if you’re not living for GOD and have HIM inside of you, you would have to find a substitute.

This is why you read in the news successful people including celebrities of various fields, take to drugs, alcohol, and different kinds of things to feel good about themselves, because life just seems worthless, when you have everything and nothing to live for!

There’s no way riches kills if you live for GOD! There’s no substitute for GOD, the devil can only deceive you………….

You can only be too busy not to have time for GOD because you’re just not living for GOD, and at the end you live with regrets!  

The things of life is not vanity when you’re living for GOD, when you’re just a puppet and he’s the one pulling your strings, all you achieve are not for you but for HIS glory. Yes you can have a story that only talks about HIS glory.
Become a robot and let GOD type in your commands, and lead you the way he wants you to.

 Rejoice O young man in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; walk  in your heart and the sight of your eyes. But know that for all these things GOD will bring you into judgment Ecc. 11 vs. 9 ………….

The only time for you to work hard and be good at it is now! You have to quit giving a million reasons not to, the older you get the busier you’re with the things of life.

Half the things you want to do in life cannot be achieved when the wedding bells come ringing and lets not talk about baby shower! You will have someone to cater for who is more important than the dreams of yesterday!

Tick tock Tick Tock, the time is ticking………………..

GOD is going to ask you about every teeny tiny talent, skill and opportunity HE gave you.

He is not going to ask what you did with your life! HE’s going to ask about his life he gave you to handle for a while on earth?!
“They call it vanity, you call it opportunity”

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