“Thou shall not Piracy”

                       “Thou shall not Piracy”

Ghost Rider is not a movie I’m meant to be actually watching, I just wanted to know what the movie was really about, so I could know why people really liked the movie.

The Ghost Rider is someone who actually kills bad guys, he would look into your eyes to check if you have sinned, and he is out to get you for any sin at all and he says including an illegal download, I actually didn’t finish the movie because it was “kinda satanic”.

The thing that got to me was the illegal downloads.

We all want to go to Heaven but we do not want to live right why?!!

Yeah it’s had to live right, but a times we do not try at all.

Is it a sin to download something for free that cost a whole lot to make?

Is GOD sometimes pissed when we take something we didn’t pay for online for free?

Some of us believe in the law of Karma “what goes around always comes right back around”, actually this law actually helps us from doing what we don’t want people to do to us…….

Every time you download something for free that is meant to be sold or buy a collection of movies that is meant to be sold singularly, remember one thing someday, you could or will actually be a producer of a product and you would not relish it if people found a way to get your product or service for free one way or another.

It sucks when people take your advantage of your produce without putting money back in your pocket, so quit stealing people’s Apps, songs and movies online that costs people billions of dollars to produce.

Golden Rule!!!
“Do to others what you want others to do to you”

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