The Mania – MUST YOU HAVE IT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mania – MUST YOU HAVE IT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crazy crave for that new item that just hit the block does not just stop, we want it so badly we would go hungry and suffer our flesh for a non-living thing that does not care if we exist, we adore their look, we embrace the fact that these items have the ability to upgrade our status, so don’t care how many hills we have to climb and any mountain we have to blitz to get these latest bags, shoes, clothes, phones, cars and so on.

The total price of the items of some people’s wardrobe is the same amount needed to send ten students to any college in the world. Is it that people are losing their minds including me over the latest item that is highly being shopped for around the world? The irony of the whole thing is that, the prices of these new items are high, and we really don’t have the purchasing power to get them, a times they just find their way in our budget when we do not have any of them in our mind, some people truly don’t have the money, but immediately they get the resource they pursue them, and neglect the important things they are supposed to cater for. People are always pushing the act of saving forward, we keep on saying these to ourselves, “I will save later”, and this latest item has to be bought now or never.
Is it compulsory that when everyone is taking coffee we must also have one? Why don’t you just settle for a cup of tea or even water? It always gets to everyone when everybody around us is doing something, or using a particular item, and we’re not in the same category as they are, it gets to me too, you just want to buy that “new kind of pants” so you don’t feel left out, before you get to that party you make sure you’ve bought a pair of “the most talked about shoe”, the only good about what is in vogue is that it helps us shop, especially when we have the money and we’re totally clueless about what to buy and not to buy, aside from that, we’re just using a pair of scissors to cut through our pockets, smashing our bank accounts against the wall.

 There are some expressions that are made without a word been said, with the way a face stares at you, you will know if you’re wanted in a particular place or not. Well every now and then the approval of people around us seems to matter a lot whether we care or not, at the end of the day it will still get to us whether good or bad. There is nothing like being recognized by everyone, we get the “LOOK” that upgrades us and shows we have finally arrived. I remember when I wore the latest fashion items, some new pant that was of high quality, a nasty-cool grey shoe with a cool shirt, and I held a cool handheld device which I never stopped using on or at least tweeting on, then all of sudden I got the look, the one you can only get when you do something remarkable.
There is now this new “hype” over cars and jeep, the boys want to have cars and the men want to turn their cars into jeeps at all costs, they don’t want to know what it takes to get it they just want now or never. Well there is always this look you get when you now driving a car, or when you have moved up from one car to another or from a car to a jeep, we can’t have enough of that look.

There is this proverb that says “if a child is trying to put his hand into fire and you are holding him back all the time, and he still refuses to stop, let him try it then he will learn his lesson”. There are times people take their time out to warn us about the things we go crazy over, things we try to prove we can’t do without. Actually we can do without them. In the long run, we finally learn our lesson that we can actually do without a tablet, we will not die if we don’t ride a jeep, and we can still breathe if we don’t buy that shoe, we may say no but actually yes we can! We can exist without them! 

In motivational seminars, books and so on we are told that we should determine what we want in life that we should not let other factors or any form of change determine how we live our lives. The things that we see that’s in vogue seem to shape our lives, some people who do not like tight clothes they go get skinny jeans, (the jeans do not fit some people’s shapes), some people do not like holding anything for too long that’s as big as their as palm now they own a tablet or some smart phone that’s really big. I thought with the advancement of technology things like mobile phone were meant to get smaller? Let’s not allow these fashionable items determine our lives, we should learn to live by our taste, style and pocket size.

There is nothing wrong improving your taste if it’s bad, like I used to have poor taste in combining clothes, and there is nothing wrong trying to be an over achiever or being ambitious, hey! That’s no excuse to go overboard trying to do what’s “in”. You’re who you say want to be.
                                                “BE YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES”    

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