That Ability you lack??!!!!

The Joseph Ability

Joseph, son of Israel (Jacob) and Rachel lived in the land of Canaan with eleven brothers. He was Rachel's firstborn and Israel's eleventh son. Of all the sons, Joseph was loved by his father the most. Israel even arrayed Joseph with a "long coat of many colors". 

Israel's favoritism toward Joseph caused his half brothers to hate him, and when Joseph was seventeen years old he had two dreams that made his brothers plot his demise. 

In the first dream, Joseph and his brothers gathered bundles of grain. Then, all of the grain bundles that had been gathered by the brothers gathered around Joseph's bundle and bowed down to it. In the second dream, the sun (father), the moon (mother) and eleven stars (brothers) bowed down to Joseph himself. When he told these two dreams to his brothers, they despised him for the implications that the family would be bowing down to Joseph. They became jealous that their father would even ponder over Joseph's words concerning these dreams. (Genesis 37:1-11)

The ability
This young teenager had the ability to turn wood to paper from paper to money, everybody that was his boss easily noticed this, as young as he was his father sent him to search for his older brothers alone, his father loved him so much, trusted him and believed that he could do adult duties like search for his brothers kilometers away from home which included, having dangerous encounters on the way. No matter how much we love someone or our parents love us they cannot entrust some duties to us because they believe we will falter. Joseph must have being getting all duties assigned to him well done, which proves his ability to carryout harder task and be trusted with them… Can you be trusted with small tasks from there to bigger tasks…..?

At Potiphar’s Crib
This young teen has just been sold by the last people he would never think that would sell him, is now going through emotional depression, he is shocked, bewildered at what is brothers have done to him, he just lost his mom when she was giving birth to his younger brother, now he has lost his whole family in a twinkle of an eye. Instead of getting comfort and tender loving care from somebody, he got the job of a no class citizen, he did not let his emotional stress affect his approach to work for his master, instead he worked hard at his assigned post, and he did not complain. He did his job well and he was promoted, to handle higher tasks, he did well and he was made to handle the position of the guy that supervises everyone, he did his so well and he became attractive……………..

                              Tame that Hormone
Joseph probably learnt how to control his hormones when he learnt what happened to his sister Dinah, (she was raped by her supposed boyfriend, the boy his family and friends were killed by Simon and Levi), so when Potiphar’s wife tempted him, he had flash backs about Dinah, he remembered that he was a child of God, and he cannot afford to do anything wrong, he just got promoted and besides he has being a good boy, he got sold what will probably happen if he started acting badly………………………….

                      The no reason experience
“This is what I get for being a good boy only GOD knows what I will get if I was a bad boy geezz”

Joseph got demoted from a no citizen, to a prisoner geezz!! Life really got complicated for Joseph, “I lost my mum, am trying to adjust to the fact of just having a step-mom and no real mom, I loose my whole family in a flash for no reason, I get a good job in an officer’s house, the officer’s wife starts hitting on me, geezz I never knew I was that good looking!! I avoided her now I get locked-up for good behavior, but they claim I tried to rape her, when she even assaulted me!! oh my! I need a lawyer!

After Joseph finished analyzing his situation he found a group of people ‘the for no-reason club’, they were sent to prison for no reason, one a butler and the other baker, they had bad dreams Joseph asked them about it interpreted it for them, one was going to be restored to the palace the other was going to be evicted from planet earth forcefully, in three days. Joseph quickly told the butler that he should remember him when he is restored.

Three days past, three months, Joseph was still in prison but he handled every little job that was given him well, he got promoted to head of prisoner operations……..

The king had bad dreams about some good cows and plants eaten up by bad cows and plants and they did not change after they ate them, the king was worried so called his juju guys to help, but the devil did not understand the dream too, so he could not tell them anything.  The butler had a brain wave and remembered Joseph that interpreted his dream and he told the king, the king got excited and wanted to see Joseph………….

                       From P to P to P to P because of one P
From the pit where his brothers kept him, until they found who would buy him, to Potiphar’s house from there to prison from to the palace, all this to get him prepared, to lead Egypt and the world out of the big ugly period ‘famine’.

In all
                                          The Joseph ability

  • To handle every job well, do it so well you will surely get promoted!!!
  • Do not let your past experience affect your functionality level
  • Always go the extra mile
  • Do not dwell on the past move on

In every situation if you’re Christian God is getting you prepared for something big, something more than your expectations only if you’re Christian AM SORRY 


Lean on GOD no matter what!!! (Because leaning on GOD completely rocks and hey it’s the in thing it was never old school!)

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