Tame That Now!!

         Tame That!!!!

We are like those thunder lighting bolts that come out from the sky with so much energy that could cause so much harm, but if trapped and modified, it could be put into really great use, we have relentless energy so powerful if refined and channeled into valuable things we can achieve a  couple of great things.  We should learn to control ourselves, because we got so much potentials to achieve a lot, when one pours his/her energy on something not profiting, or negative,  it gets one into more trouble, so learn to tame yourself so nothing goes wrong!

Finding yourself in state of anger, is not a state you would like to get yourself into, but we all find ourselves one way or another in it, its what we do when we are angry that tells us whether we are humans or animals. As a normal human you are bound to be angry but you are not bound to be stupid, so why take drastic decision, make ridiculous statements, and you have an after effect like an intense long wee hour of hangover. Sorry! But there is no aspirin to cure the ugly scene you just made, apologies might go far but cannot delete that unforgettable moment. Learn to control your anger in every situation, be patient you can achieve a whole lot when calm and not loosing your head. When you’re calm you reconsider some actions to be taken in every situation, and you don’t regret decision made at he end of the day.
The Newspapers have shown headlines, about murder due to anger both the victim and murderer were not just patient for a little while, now one is dead the other will probably serve time, for no reason at all, part of his life or all of it will be wasted, all dreams and ambitions are no more, so is it worth to be angry? Just CHILL and avoid every thing bad that can possibly happen.


There is one thing we have in excess and its time, what we do with it determines how far we go in life, you determine the height of your success in everything you do, you have to quit the things that take your time and have no positive effect in your life at all, quit the long hours of T.V watching, endless calls to friends, playing like a child non-stop and give a limit to the internet usage, your life is in your hands you can decide to drop it or lift it high for the world to see how great it is.!


People tend to tell us that the way we act is good or is going to have an adverse effect on us and the ones we love, so we have to watch the way we act, speak, relate with people. We are to watch our attitude towards the way we do things, it really tells a lot about us, everywhere we go, we should learn to always treat every task and situation in the most appropriate way  and manner, it does speak for us when we are not there.  What we do so often without thinking tends to be an habit, it could be bad or amazing, it all depends on what we have decided to be our habit, be careful and  choose your habits very well, they will be part of you as you grow into an adult, it gets to a stage that you cannot change that bad habit like smoking, drinking, cursing and so many other things that people spend money on to stop, some get good results, while in some people’s life its just been a total waste of money no difference after a long period of time, still no improvements. SO STOP WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME OR ELSE!!!!!
                  Those dreams, goals, and ambitions SHA!!!!
We want to be that footballer, fashion designer, musician, artiste and so many more; we tend to chase our hopes and dreams if we are damn straight serious with them, we can overcome any hurdle or opposition that stands in our way, with everything we’ve got we pursue at all cost, but we should always calm down and listen to the advices all around us like
ü  focus on school first,
ü  its not yet time
ü  do it this way you attain more success this way
ü  I don’t want near that thing have you heard,
ü  its final am no longer into your rubbish quit it now
please I beseech you lets listen to your parents, guardians, teachers, coordinators  and so many other caring figure around us, they know best, they have been there before, they know what happens when we take that kind of step so just chill and a times they may just not know anything at all. The act of obedience to them will really be nice, they may tend to even support just because you obeyed, the time you gained your liberty maybe the right time to do what you’ve always wanted………
GOD knows best!!!!!