There is now a place that takes all addictions of all sorts away for free name it, any kind at all, you got or you know someone suffering from any kind of addiction they can handle it, no matter what it is physical, spiritual, and meta-physical in whatever form. (Romans 8 v 2,6 vs14,17-20,Galatians 5v1),

Are you a sex addict, or alcoholic, or drug addict? Or you are just an addict of something you are ashamed to tell someone about it and you just want to say you need help (psalm 46 vs. 1) so badly that it hurts you everyday to always perform that obscene act in private, it kills you to share and makes you feel less a human when you’re done with the act.

Is there an hidden urge to do something bad or evil like stealing, lying, masturbating, smoking, rape, having sex with your own sex (homosexuality), or you begin to find children or animals attractive enough to have sex with them, or do you have the desire to commit murder or are you suicidal  well there is an answer for you………………..

First Step……… there is a society you have to join that is in charge of setting you free from every kind of oppression known to man, how to join you have to reference the leader (Matt 11 vs. 28,John 6 vs. 35-37)…..Next….

Second Step……… you have to say a confession of the society, after you say it once, you never have to say it ever again and you are free and free indeed (Romans 10 vs. 9,1st John 1 vs. 9)…..

Third Step……… there is no going back for you, after you are cured you have to remain a member of this society, there will be all the assistance you need to stay incline and in touch never to back slide, but it still depends on you to stay on track and never let go (John 15 vs. 4-6, John 15 vs. 10,1st John 2v24-28)…..

In this society you can even achieve a whole much more you couldn’t in your normal life, you’re enabled to soar high, and knock down every mountain you’ll face so what do you think are you ready to join? Follow these steps (mark 10v19, John 1v12,2nd Timothy 3v15,2nd peter 1v3.)………

You have to become a Christian by accepting Christ, He sends you the HOLY SPIRIT and if you depend on HIM solely HE will give you so much courage alcohol can’t give and you will be able to fight all the bad habits that you face in life, when you are filled with The HOLY SPRIT everything negative in your life will step aside due to the power of GOD (Romans 8v28)

Accept  JESUS as your personal LORD and savior, and join the Christian society, get a Bible, join a Bible believing church be free and free for ever more by saying these few words……….
LORD JESUS I accept you as my personal LORD and savior, I accept that you died on the cross of Calvary, for every one of my sins, I’m hereby washed by your blood and freed from all condemnation of sin and free from any form of bondage, I’m no longer a sinner but a saint of GOD because I’m the righteousness of GOD, with this confession I denounce my old life and I step into a new life where all things are made new by you in JESUS name I pray……………

2Cori 5:21  

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