I went to the Secretariat to get some papers, on my way back, trying to get my bus route home, some guy hit me and his hand was pulling my earphone and my phone was coming out,  I said “Hey!” he said sorry and he left….

It hit me! I was almost been robbed, I thought to myself should call attention and get the guy to pay for his crime or should I let him go.
I stared at him from a far and I asked myself why he does what he does? He must have story behind his act, he probably did not want to do what he does, but he found it as a way for him to get by in life.

I live in Lagos (No.1 city in the world), where thieves immediately been caught by the masses instead by the authority would immediately be badly beaten and lynched, well the lynching has died down in major parts of the city!
I said to myself play GOD, people really do stuffs to the BIG GUY up there, but HE doesn’t pass judgment immediately, He prays one day you play according to his plan and live for him.

The thief was lucky he tried to rob me and not someone else that would make 
him meet his end yesterday! He would have been locked up in some cell and be forgotten by a judicial system that doesn’t care about the proceedings of the “broke guys” but only the elite.

Its hard to play GOD in the way we live but we have to, HE’s our father and we’re meant to be lead by his spirit (Romans 8:12 )

Sometime ago I asked GOD “since you see the future, can see who is coming to heaven and who is going to hell”

HE said “I see everyone in heaven I see no one in hell”
GOD has no evil plans for anyone

Jer 29:11

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