Persistence according to chambers dictionary means “keep on doing something in spite of opposition or difficulty”

   According to oxford dictionary to continue to do despite difficulties or opposition, in a way that seem unreasonable

To continue to try despite difficulties especially when people are against you and think that you are unreasonable

To continue for a long period of time without interruption or repeated frequently especially in a way that is annoying or cannot be stopped

The one big thing, all big achievers of all time have was “persistence”, about their goals dreams and ambitions, despite numerous critics, oppositions, trials, failures and many more, they still pushed and pressed on hoping, believing and knowing that success was just a reach away, so they never asked themselves this question should I quit now when success is just a reach away?

We young people have one thing at our disposal and that’s time, we can use are time for so many things, but for those that use their time to think have dreams, they like to achieve at particular time and sect of their lives, they dream of so many things, some of them are unrealistic while others tend to be achievable.

If a young person is actually reasonable enough he/she gets a paper and pen, takes note and begins research finds out if the dreams are men flying with  capes in the sky or  men flying in the sky in metallic objects, from there they now become vision from dreams, which means one is running with a vision in hand, taking note of the time when these goals are achievable , he/she begins to attain these goals, noticing all the things that have to be done, sacrifices that have to be made, and all kinds of training to be done and many more to be successful.

              “Zeal without knowledge is useless” 
  You need to be knowledgeable about what you are doing.

Getting Counsel about your goals is important, it sets you on the right part in order to avoid mistakes, the wrong choices to be made are drastically cut down due to counseling, you get a little know-how, the work that has to be done is reduced, materials are usually provided or you are told the ones to get.
In the beginning of the pursuit of these dreams of yours, you might begin to face difficulties but do not stop, if you fail get up; the greatness of a man is not the things he has achieved but the number of times he fell down and got up to be a better person.

“Everyone made or created something but Thomas Edison invented the Electric Bulb”

The way you carried out the job must have made you fail the first time, that means you have to change motive and plans in approach towards your goals, you must always change motive and notice the result, to avoid problems in the next trial.

You have to be highly disciplined, in order to be successful, you begin to reduce the time and attention you give to irrelevant things like, T.V, socializing online or physically, and many other things  that take our time and add nothing to us, be on the watch out!!

On the road of not only being in the headlines and also making the breaking news!!! There are bound to be oppositions, people telling you what you are about to do can’t be done that you should quit, and focus on some more important, they will laugh, discourage and actually stand in your way, just because they can’t stand you and your upcoming swag (greatness in the making) at all, or they just do not like what you are doing at all, do not listen to them do not let them get into your mind.

 Do not think about what they are saying, always be busy all the time in other to avoid them and the things they say, you might try and convince some of them, but please do not they use your whole time trying to explain your goals to them as this saying goes……….

“You cannot explain how light is to a blind man there is no word that can describe it”.


Acknowledge the one who gave you the ideas (Pro 16 vs. 3), ability to attain them and many more, always pray for guidance, HE knows everything so ask NOW!!! (James 1:5)

In the name of the pursuit of your ambitions, do not become unrealistic towards H.S, your parents, guardians, teachers, coordinators and so on.
They know best, they may believe that some things are meant for a particular time, they may think you are not old enough or ready, they may think you are not carrying out the task the right way, their suggestion a times seem unreasonable, always chill, calm down and listen to them. When you disobey them GOD will no longer be for you and you are bound to have problems. Calm down, be patient and never be rude to them they know best a Yoruba proverb says……..
 “You can never have enough rags as an old person”
that means you can never have enough experience as the older people have they know best and GOD knows why He put them above you                         PLEASE ALWAYS LISTEN!!!!!!!

H.S---- Holy Spirit