How we stand tall in the midst of all these problems it can’t be explained.

How can a country of a population over 160 million people not have constant supply of clean water, and yet still survive, we attend to our needs without the help of Government that is supposed to create a system that works for its people……

We all have found more ways than one to live safe in a country where security of its citizens is of no importance to its government

The security of our nation is has being tested over and over again by Boko Haram and they failed to pass the entire test.

 The government thinks the Police force will perform better in new uniform “new design same old content!!”

The amount a Nigerian has to spend to get good food is outrageous, but we still find a way to get round the problem…

Nothing is done about the increasing rate of Unemployment in the country, but we Nigerians refuse to take unemployment as a way of living, we found out our talents improved on them and got world recognition like in music  Movies (Genevieve, Omotola…..) Fashion (Sleek, Frank osodi, Deola Sagoe….) Information and Technology (“Inye”) and so on….

The first week of January the Nigerian youths refused to be bullied by the Government, they protested for the 100%  increase of PMS, but some Nigerians said we don’t actually mind the increase that PMS should be sold at any price we don’t care as long as it’s available……….

Nigerians have gotten to the stage where we don’t need someone to help us to hold the bike while we ride, we would learn for ourselves how to live and live with hard conditions and be successful…

When the parents of a child were not around when he needed them the most, and they show up when he is 25 he will turn against them in fury, and think about reconciliation later….

There will be a time when Nigerians will not give damn! Who the president is? Because they all don’t make any difference in our lives so why should we care or even acknowledge them

One day the President and people in power will walk around and not need security because we don’t give a damn about them, and they are all less than the common man (who is evil and thinks of himself alone)…………

                                              No forming for us JOOR
At the end of the fight (Occupy Nigeria) our President forced a N97 per liter price tag of petrol on us, but we Nigerians are standing tall though the price of everything that we need for our daily existence seems to have sky rocketed, and we’re not complaining not because we can’t (we did in the first week of the year) we just want to get by with life without the government! They were never really relevant to us! They break our hearts everyday and make us curse the very day we voted for them………