Marriage belongs in the museum ……

                              Nothing left for marriage??!!

WoW! Kids look at that! That’s marriage up there!
Dad what’s marriage?
Its what people used to do before they could have sex and children,
Well that’s funny dad!!  Peeps back then must be so dumb!
Yeah they were!!

Marriage is an institution ordained by GOD and blah blah blah and blah……..

A friend once asked me way back in High School what do I live for and what is my purpose of existence? Is it money? (That means get a job and then get a life) or is it sex? (Get married). My answer was Christianly “GOD is the reason for my existence”, I wasn’t been holier than thou or anything, he was my very good friend so I was been sincere and all…….. his conclusion was either for money and majorly sex that’s why people just wanna get married!

Yeah this is the 21st Century, we want instant coffee, instant noodles, instant answer and instant marriage.
We all want all the things that has to do with marriage and we want nothing to do with it.

why do we still think of marriage?!!

We want the sex………………
Sex is great no doubt! Whether you have had it or not, we all know it. People used to get together, date for a while and decide to have sex and all. But times are changing people are just getting together or pay for what they can’t convince the other party to do or get it any means they want to, people make funny arrangements these days one of which is, “Friends with Benefit” like the movie (Google to know what it means).

Doing all this outside the game, its meant for creates a million problems, but I’m not going to get into the negativity of the sin of fornication (if you want to know! Google it), the thing “sex” is one of the things that was created for marriage, so if we decide to have it outside marriage, why do we still think of marriage? Duh! You already having, you can as well continue……

We want the kids…………
The awkward moment when you see a lovely baby and you wish you could have one at that moment. Well people feel like that a lot these days (especially girls) and actually decide to have kids. Well that sucks! First people have sex outside marriage, because of that one (un)explainable reason; now peeps want to have kids without the marriage because they do not want the whole brouhaha of hooking up with someone for the rest of their lives. People just snap out of it and have kids.

. “Friends with kids” it’s a movie I would give 3 out of 10, a guy and a lady who decided to have kids but not marry so they would not be as miserable as their friends who were married and had kids.

So the children will have a name……………
I bugged a couple of people for answers as I got this post ready, the one reason a year 3 undergraduate of Agricultural Economics gave was that “the kids can have a name”. Well I think that is not important today, you can have one of the best names as your surname and still not be a name people can reckon with, we hear names like Bill Gates, but have to Google up his child’s name.
Marriage doesn’t in anyway give kids a name; they have to make a name

So you can be satisfied……

A year 3 Soil science student below the age of twenty, childishly answered the question why people marry?
She said, “so you will not have (in Yoruba) “oju kokoro”” it means you will not want have interest in any other person apart from your spouse.. We all know that’s a lie, we are human, what we have is never enough, only by the Grace of GOD.

The G.O of RCCG told his Pastors one of the reasons they should not cheat because………
                        “They all have the same thing down there”.

  To feel responsible…..

A student of Sociology’s answer that got to me was “to feel responsible”….
Buying the wedding rings, suits, gown and this and that, going to the altar to say “Yes I do”, making your family and friends leave their busy lives and attend your 5 minutes jamboree, with your bridal train and grooms men all lined up in a formation, that looks like they’re heading for war doesn’t in anyway make any man born of woman responsible.

Marriage sometimes shows how people could be so irresponsible; the ceremony is such an eye opener.

Having children without marrying, but catering for them and being there for them is being responsible!!

And for all the wrong reasons…….

So people use marriage to tie the ones they love down, with all the happenings over the years we‘ve discovered marriage make people not only runaway but disappear…..

    “And she came home one day and to find out the love of her life has  gone”….we can’t count how many times we’ve heard that……..

For companionship! Duh most of the things people share with their friends they can’t share it with their spouse, except (you’re my mum and dad lol!) you’re just peculiar……

 And for love……. then why do they divorce? Oops I remember for hate! The one you once love is now the number one person you wish never existed

Be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1 vs. 28)…..
GOD did not create man to be baby factory, common read the verse and think about it, HE wants you to be fruitful with your talents, skills, gifts and so and so forth..... “And multiply” not yourself, but produce fruits don’t have one tree producing fruits but have many…… In the verse it says “subdue the earth” how would you subdue the earth by having twenty sons? Your products (fruits of your hands) will…...

GOD is never going to ask, why didn’t you get married? Or how many children did you have? But what did you do with your own life!!!!

Why marry?!

Cake is one important item in a wedding, I wonder why?  

But every Professional baker planning a wedding cake, begins with the end in mind so is marriage.  You know what you need, not what you want or feel before you sign the business deal.

All the ingredients for a cake are aligned out, and mixed properly in the right proportion, they are all mixed together. The ingredients feel each other, anyone that sees the mixture will say ”you’re making a cake”, (that’s courtship and engagement), but it’s not a cake yet.

Cake of such professionalism takes time but if you can’t wait you can have cup cakes or instant cakes, the taste is not the same, its cake but not cake.

You can never have the perfect cake but you can try and have the perfect one if you try hard with Grace of GOD………  

There’s nothing like the original, you do not bake a remarkable cake in a hurry, or for just no reason, your heart, body and soul has to be there to bake the perfect one..

As you bake you have an end in mind, any difficulty you face in the process, you bend it to fit your goal at the end.

You don’t get awkward things into it, so you don’t get awkward results and remarks (like gay marriage)

It feels like marriage when you do all the things meant for marriage outside marriage.

There’s nothing a baker can do to a cake already baked he can’t try and add it to a cake he’s about to bake. Except he pulls a trick by using icing to join them together after been baked  (Mat 19 vs. 8-12) (1Cor 7)

Baking is marriage; the cake is put in the oven that has a lot of heat, and the heat is later adjusted to get the perfect cake. All the favourable and deleted scenes in one’s life happen in marriage, to make it a perfect one (Rom 8:28)(Phil 1:6)  

This only happens when we let GOD be the baker of our lives, because HE was the one who started the party (Gen 2 vs. 24) (Pro 3: 5-6)

Don't marry not because you want to, but because the baker (GOD) tells you it’s time to get into the oven with someone……….