Lets promote the F- word!!!!!

There is no better word to describe this awkward moment, than this four letter word, it expresses the anger, emphasizes the feeling! And magnifies the magnitude of how you feel! Say it! Say it! “The F word”

Why is the F word always being censored, in songs, T.V programs and so on, don’t they know it’s one of the words that can explain a person’s feeling in detail, without no prefix or suffix!

It’s high time they allow it! Say it every time! They should get over it and accept as an everyday vocabulary of man!
Why the T.V stations censor words like the “F word”, “The B word” and other words?!............

The F word is a word you can identify it with people who are not, educated, who have very few words in their big brain, and they have to make do with what they have and that’s one of the only self taught vocabulary they know!
It’s normal to wake up in the morning and a mother, who only got primary education, will say to her son that has refused to wake up on time to “wake the “F” up”.

The son will say to his friends in the slum when playing ball to pass the “F-ing” ball with the “N” word, no one feels insulted everyone thinks its O.K because everyone is just speaking English!

When one of these thugs or hustlers or “N” word” or “B” word” get a big break, they have the opportunity to play or display their skills (in music, basketball and so on) to enlightened and educated set of people, every of their street language has to be censored why? Because this is not the streets, this a board meeting, this a school, this is a place people know better and have an average of 20000 words of as their vocabulary!

I remember back in secondary school, someone looked at me in a funny way when I said the “A” word (the other word you guyz use for buttocks), and he said “I can’t believe you just said that”, I heard it so much i thought it was a normal word! I said it at home when I was trying a diaper on for my baby brother, put your “A” in there, and my mum screamed how would you be saying such street word in the house…

Those words don’t belong in here….

These words are used due to lack of unavailability of choice words in their brain

For instance

They won’t use the “F” if they knew words like amazing, remarkable, incredible, wonderful, impeccable, splendid when they’re happy and

 awful, terrible, appalling, horrific, dreadful, horrible, horrid, horrendous, when they are sad

The “N” word would be of no use if they knew words like progeny, colleague, comrade, workmate, partner,  

The “B” word will only remain for dogs if they knew words like whining, back stabber, wimp,

The part that ticks me off, is the fact, these people use GOD and JESUS, when anything goes bad, they end up sounding like they’re cursing and using the most respected names in the world and they turn out to be swear words  
They say it and don’t care, people use JESUS and GOD so much that people now think it’s a swear word, my cable provider “DSTV”, censors JESUS , and 

GOD anytime pronounced as well as every swear word!
Back in the days kings were known to strict, unruly and cruel with their judgment if you mess with them, if this king below can do this what do think GOD can do………….

In the olden days the Alafin of Oyo was a great king, it’s said that he ruled from Oyo to Benin Republic, it’s said that anytime he’s taking a walk in the night and the whole place is dark, his guards will light up the huts on his way as touch for him to see…….

The people praise him a lot, and the kings of Yoruba land always have people or a person next to them that shouts their praises, they do it so well the kings sometimes think they are all that when they are not that!

The wife of this king got so pissed, and said you’re not half the things they say you are, you are not close to being called great yet you think you’re one.
Wow! He was astounded by her remark, and he said do you want to know how great I am? Don’t fret I’ll prove it to you soon.

He commanded of his guards to get the heads of the wife’s parents, he called his wife to the palace and told her to open the calabash, and she started screaming and lay flat in front of the king and called him great. 

GOD can do far more than that king did! Stop messing with HIS names and HIS son!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…….. Hosea 4:3

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