It's Still Fashion Joor!!!...................

It ain’t fake, it ain’t original, it ain’t old, and it’s not in Vogue ITS FASHION
this was a photo shoot everything you see here is branded!!! lool
People tend to look down on people who wear cheap, fake, old, and out of fashion items, but the thing is if the whole combination is quite good and appealing to the eye, why should the whole attire be condemned? It’s fashion and again its fashion, inspiration of fashion comes from the present, the past and things that do not even exist, take  a few lessons from Jane from “Jane by Designs” …………

I will share with you a true life experience

I got ready for badminton training by 6a.m my coach was not in town so I decided to go jogging on my own, I greeted the security guards as I strolled into the field, and I dropped my bag that contained my clothing that I would changed into after the whole exercise because I had a class 
by 8am……….

I had changed my whole sportswear into a bola hat, a pair of glasses, a brown long sleeve shirt (which I rolled up), with a mofly, a pair of brown Vickers with a pair of black shoes and hand bracelets ( not to make my wrists look empty), the next thing that happened as I took a stroll to get a drink, the guards stopped me and said “you don’t look like student of this school where is you I.D card” I was quick to defend myself and I said quickly “am a student but I left my I.D card at home”, I had to show him the notes I had taken in a class of a Lecturer who is a Professor, before he could believe me, I actually told him that I saw him earlier on, that he was the security guard as he questioned me on who he was.
Well this was not the first time the security of the school will ask me to come closer or ask me questions before they finally figure out am a student.

The thing is this people don’t dress up all the time, why? Because it’s an Agricultural College we have to be on the farm most times unannounced, so that’s why the students of the school usually dress down! You need to see my school during our dinner nights and award shows we all look remarkable!!

I was just trying everything and anything on the Tuesday morning of that week, some people could not only admire me but also commented on my fashion sense, and someone actually said “nice outfit” well I said to myself only if you knew that my whole attire apart from the bracelets are fake I don’t  think you will still comment me, well I let the whole fake thing go by because it fashion until……………….

A staff of the school told me that my whole dress up thing was quite good, that I should probably take a picture. I told my classmate who had a Galaxy SII, to take my picture because the phone had a good camera and the picture quality was amazing, the phone made top 10 phones in the world, and he said to me my phone is “Fake-Phobic”, he said to me from head to toe everything you have on is fake, I smiled and I took those words in, and I immediately let go because he was a the kind of guy that usually runs his mouth and he hypes things that are not what they really are. Am the kind of guy that doesn’t like to burst people’s bubble, you might be feeling cool about something that is actually not all that, but I let you go because I won’t want to make you feel bad about you think “it is” and for all I care “it ain’t”.

How do you think I would have burst his burble? You have to read it at the end, I want to stick to the topic at hand.

Whatever you have in your wardrobe that is not shabby and doesn’t make you look poor is good to wear. You have to combine the whole thing so well that you can look so good in any outfit that is either out or in vogue.

For instance when you see a picture of a celebrity or anyone at all that is quite good, no one can actually really tell if what the person wore is fake or not (I know some people reading this will actually say they can tell), it all depends on you and your combination, and not everything in vogue is actually for you. Fashion is all about finding what fits you and makes you look way better than yourself than when you don’t have those items on.

Trying out various kinds of outfits helps with improving your fashion sense and taste. Learn to be confident whenever you’re trying something new, don’t look uncertain, insecure and not too sure about it because it will actually make people think otherwise of what you want them to actually think. “Your look sells the look”, that’s why models keep a straight face or a little smile on the runway.

Learn to live within your size, if its way out of your range don’t  get it except it’s a suit and you actually work in an environment that suits are the uniform there, and there are good suits that come in affordable prices, just put your eyes out there for a good deal.
The number one rule of fashion is this look good all the time and actually try something you won’t usually do, and accessories improves your look and increases the value of an item in ways you can’t understand, it’s time for you to get some bracelets, funky glasses, scarves, hat, face cap, waistcoat and many more…….
             “You only live once! Explore! Live right! And don’t go GAGA!

                                                    Bubble Bursting

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