“Huzle” and not “Hustle”

                “Huzle” and not “Hustle”

Before you get to know the number one thing you need for your “huzle”, let me define it……

The normal word is “hustle” means: an act or scheme involving deceit, swindling, fraud, or petty, in order to get the job done or most of the time make money….

This is a word for someone who wants to go to Heaven should not be accustomed to, or known for, so I invented a word that we Christians can associate ourselves with……

“Huzle”: to do things out of the ordinary, unimaginable, ridiculous and impossible but that is just and righteous, that is appealing in the eyes of GOD, in order to get the job(s) (vision) done…… (Philippians 4:13)

We all want to be successful; we all want to be the one people are talking about one day or today! But we’re too Christian to deep our hands in dirt that will piss GOD off! So we have to “Huzle” and not “Hustle”……… so get you Huzle on!!!

The one tool we need is………. Persistence