How much people hate their homes??!!

    How much people hate their homes??!!

Imagine you have a son, you and your son live in one of the most recognized places in the world, you have all that he needs and you raise him as a prince. Some day you decide to sponsor your son on a vacation, you want him to know how things are done in other parts of the world. You send him to an Under developing Nation like Sudan in Africa……..

He spends the time allocated to him, and during his vacation word gets to you that your son does not want to return home, and he always feels bad anytime he thinks about coming home.

How would you feel?!!

Christians become sad, scared and worried, anytime they hear things like “JESUS is coming soon”. They all become weary at the sound of “rapture” (1Thess 4:14-18).

It breaks the heart of CHRIST to find out that the people HE died for are scared for HIS own coming. This earth is just a temporary place compared to where we would all spend eternity.

Why are Christians scared of going to their true home? To a place which far better than their present home.

Are the acts of unrighteousness now so much that Christians are afraid they may end up on the wrong side of Glory?
Are we afraid of not being righteous? (2Cor 5 :21)

Some people claim that if they knew when CHRIST is coming they would live their lives differently? That’s silly!! That means people would be living a life of “eye service”, doing the right things just because the boss is around!! (Mat 6 1-5)

We should be more than happy when we hear of the coming of CHRIST again (2Cor 5 vs. 7-8), and we should be more than happy when people sleep in the LORD! That’s why the Yoruba people of Nigeria, celebrate the dead because they know and believe that the dead is in a better place… how much more we Christians that know the truth!

 Heaven is Home!!!  Earth is just a temporary work place