Bubble Bursting!!!!

Bubble Bursting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bursting people’s burble is not a brilliant idea. “Not bursting ones burble” is; trying to make people feel good about what they think is so good, which is actually so terrible. You can actually tell the person later the truth so they don’t go disgracing themselves.

A friend once told me that I wore fake clothes on a particular day (Which I knew), I didn’t want to burst his burble because what I actually had to say would make him feel worse than he made me felt.

The phone he is presently using costs him a very tiny fraction of the original price, he usually says that buying a used item is better than buying it brand new, because its way cheaper! He can only maintain one wardrobe which is in school, I maintain two perfectly well with everything that a young man needs to be in his wardrobe, the one at home has my quality items and the wardrobe in school has good clothes but no brand names. I attend an Agricultural school where we have to be on the farm most of the times which are sometimes unannounced, the only thing that has to be of high quality in your wardrobe here is your farm wear.

 There was a time he got an invite for a dinner outside of town he actually begged me to take his clothes for dry cleaning for him, I refused, I hate being sent I asked him why he was taking his clothes home why can’t he pick some from home he said he couldn’t because he has no good stuffs at home. The long sleeve shirts that he thinks are original, are what my classmates in Secondary school call “Pure water shirt”, he actually starches them so much, but they still feel so freaking fake to me. You know what a 100% cotton shirt feels like, now remove 80% of it and imagine what the shirt will feel like that is what a pure water shirt feels like. His girlfriend once complained to me about his “Pure water Shirts”……….

Someone came to visit a friend of mine, and said that the classmate of yours that likes running his mouth about having good stuffs, actually wears fake t-shirts and shoes where in the world does he do his shopping, The Fake Republic of China?

Telling him all this would have crushed his heart, while I only just felt bad about that he said. Bursting people’s burble ain’t cool at all, just let them have their cake and eat it all, because you know the end result will be ugly not only will you burst is burble, I think you can actually step on it and make him/her never to blow another one. A good reason for not going burble bursting is because you are doing this for a good course………………………….

(He never reads my blogs so don’t think am punishing or getting back at him in any way)

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