Be Afraid of the Nigerian love!!

My brother and mum laughed into my room, as I was working on “Africa time-up”, they came to tell me this…………. 

“On behalf of Malta Guinness, we present you this cheque”……………… this was presented to the family that won the “Maltina family dance all” sponsored by MALTINA by the Deputy Governor of Lagos state as of yesterday!!!
Why but why do Nigerians always do this? Calling products of the same substance of different producers by the name of the product that’s popular by the demand

Mimee Noodles came to a Summer Teenage camp, in which their noodles was used for the cooking competition, but during the whole show, teenagers kept on calling it “Indomie Noodles”, and the officials of Mimee Noodles kept on saying “its Mimee not Indomie”. They had a hard time trying to convine  them to stop referring to the noodles as the most wanted Noodles in the country Nigeria “Indomie”, as I covered the show taking pictures….

This happens to all the products that are the first to be established in the country, they seem to earn a place in the hearts of Nigerians that our heads refuse to remember the name of other brands.

If you want to buy baby diaper, and you want Pampers the attendant would ask you which one? Because there are other brands whose names are not worth remembering, the same goes for cubed spices the prominent name is “Maggi” and for Sausage Rolls its “Gala” ………

How this happen? ……………..

The country is a developing nation so in time past there were few products produced in the country, most of them which were processed were imported 
and for those that were locally produced, they earned their way into the mouths of Nigerians, and all we know is the first and famous brands……

There was no competition for companies like Indomie, they had the markets to themselves for a long time, as the country developed, the wealth of the nation improved and the country developed, this gave room for other producers from within and outside the country to produce so many kinds of products.

Well the tradition is dying down, for instance no one calls Airtime or Recharge Cards “MTN”, because they were the first  Mobile Telecom but not the only ones for long, competition strolled in and is trying to kick them to the curb………
Well with all that’s going on in the country, no one has to tell you Nigeria is good for business.

Why? There is a proverb my mum always says of Yoruba, the “There’s enough 
room in the sky for all the birds to fly”……………………

All the companies first established in Nigeria, they are still doing very well despite numerous competitors that have come after several years of being in t he country, and the competitors themselves are performing more than their expectations.

For instance, to setup a Telecommunication company in a Developed country let’s say U.S.A, it will take a whole lot and returns are not guaranteed, not Nigeria!

 Etisalat came into the country and they cannot believe their expectations. That’s why Visafone put up a billboard to thank Nigerians for purchasing their products and services, that they have 1 million users after a year in the country.

Nigerians love like crazy, if you’re actually very good, they support you to the very end in their own kind of way and you kind of have a lasting effect on us if you don’t disappoint.

PR 11:10  When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth:

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