Apple!! Sue for what used to rightfully yours “THE MARKET”

Apple is just being a cry baby over the whole patent right issues! All I hear Apple say to the whole world is “Android took my toy and they don’t  want to give it back”

We know you’re the one who started the invention! Yes we know you created it! Something great and remarkable that the world could not do without, but right now someone is using it as tool to make a device that’s way better!

Now it’s time they got over it and move on.

Inventions from time past like the light bulb for instance, created by Thomas Edison had the patent rights of his invention for about 6 years  (granted on January 27, 1880), till other people got creative and made better items than 
Thomas and his rights became invalid.

An invention is like a child born to you, you can’t let it go, but kids grow up and they want to do away with you and be a men of their  own, so are the inventions of Apple. They may not have the rights of a product for so long, because this is the 21st Century where things happen at the speed of light and we all move on……

Imagine if the Wright Brothers had the rights of the Air plane till date,  Louis Cartie still had the rights of the wrist watch,  Karl Benz still had rights to  the invention of the “car”, life would be incredible boring, one sole maker for a product consumed by many people……..

Variety is the spice of life…………….

Handheld devices did not used to be this remarkable, Andriod brought something new fresh and WOW! To the market like the way many producers bring something new when they make something better than the original creators of the item.

Apple won the battle in court, but Android won the war the in the market. Apple was scared they would lose the market to copy cats who do not know what they are doing, but over the past few months we have learnt that the Apple company cannot handle competition.

A competitive company after seeing what their opponents have created “Samsung Galaxy S3” would go home and do their home work, but no! Instead of going into a fight and give all they have, they decided to act on technical rules and see what it got them, a Billion Dollars and a silly metallic device called the “Iphone5”.

Be happy to find out people are out there imitating your design, which means you’re really good for people to actually want what you created. 

This only means one thing “Step up your game” there are several devices using the Android OS but its only Samsung Devices that standout, don’t be afraid of competitions (or imitation), embrace it, work hard and bring something to the world that will win our hearts and you’ll have the market in the palm of your hands, don’t be discouraged and be a slacker looking for technical fouls and produce “Iphone5” because your opponents will always standout and bank all the money home with their “Samsung Galaxy S3”…………….

“Life a.k.a Competition“
Proverbs 12:11 
Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense. (NIV)

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