Am I prepared??!!!

 Proverbs 6:6-8

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.

I’m a big fan of agriculture particularly animal production, when I was still in foundation back in school I was staying in a hall, there were some 400 level agricultural students and all they had to do for that session was just farm work, they had a routine which they had to cover different parts of farm production, like the cultivation of crops, the rearing of animals and so many more, so I asked to join them when they were going to take part in animal rearing, they said they had already finished with that part, but they could hook me up with a friend of theirs that would just be starting the animal section. When we were on the farm the instructor was teaching about ticks and he was illustrating with a cow, they had to tie the cow and turn it sideways so we could see the ticks on the cow, as they were getting the cow down it was restless the instructor told me to help out that why was I just watching, so the person who brought me told him that I was not a 400 level student!

You got no excuse!!

My friend and I wanted to take bike, he told me not to stop a particular bike which was of a low standard, he said what was he looking at when his mate were buying better bikes. No one wants to know your story! Nobody wants to know whether you had a parent or no parents at all when you were growing up, as far as you are not successful you will be tagged lazy, nobody cares how you had it when climbing up the ladder of life as far as you are successful we will celebrate you! There is a quote I got from this movie Madea goes to jail “your parents were meant to give you one thing life what you make of it is up to you”

What they see and say is what counts

I went to buy a bag of water; the person selling it to me said that was I the Youth Copper that came to buy water yesterday?! I said no! I notice people view me as a person that is ready to take over the world, someone who is capable to do this and that when am just learning about the ropes of life, I said to myself have to be ready to handle the issues of life.
 When the time has reached for me to be on my own man, I have to be able to do much more that is expected of me, I don’t want people saying and he calls himself a graduate and he can’t do this or do that! I want to be a walking search engine like Google able to carry out any kind of activity and do them well especially my area of specialization, or least no something about everything.

Find something you are good at
And deal with it, be excellent with it

If you are young you will find out that you are interested in a whole lot of things more or less you tend to be a jack of all trade and a master of none, its pretty scary and all the options leave one undecided, you have to pick one that you are very good at and everyone acknowledges your work in that area, try to be the only champion in your field, let no one come in to beat you in your game, learn to acknowledge the people you met in the game, learn from them, learn from their mistakes and try to do and be better than them.
One of the founders of Joshua Rabiu says “be the jack of all trade and the master of one”.


One of my co-coordinators’ in church says one thing that as a young person that we are blessed with time so we have the freedom to think about new things, we can event new things or think of how things can be done in a better way! So we are innovative! When a new idea comes in, learn to pick up a pen and paper and write, from there it becomes real to you and you can begin to work on it. You will need to develop yourself in that area, for instance if you had an idea about a new web site you have to go for web site training, and learn how to build your own web site, it would be unfortunate that you would tell someone about your idea and they would probably steal it or not carry out the job like you want it.
Love and sex

As a human you can’t escape the power of love, now a days love develops into sex. As a Christian, there is so much emphasis on the fact that you are not meant to start dating at young age that it will eventually develop into sex, and when we are ready and prepared mentally and spiritually, when you enter a relationship you define it, sexual or non-sexual, if your partner wants sexual you back out, that’s not the only person in the world you will by the grace of GOD find another person, due to your decision as a Christian you will tend to stand out and be called weird, you have to stand for what you believe in and live by it.

It’s quite vital that you get a Certfication, let’s be real to make it in this economy you need a paper that states that you have a B.Sc. or Diploma in something, even if it says a graduate from social networking, I mean you are given the honours in knowing how to use facebook, twitter, anything but something that GOD wants you to be, you just have to go to school, with GOD’s guidance, be good at what you study in the university or any training school. Because it’s hard out there, or any institution that can get you trained in your area of specialization. There are something’s that are not taught in school like how should I spend the money I earn? How to make good decisions in life? So many things that are not taught in school that we have to learn on our own, you can learn financial education on your own, you can learn time management on your own, all this you can learn from books and serious practice, with this one can advance in life due to the edge one has over others.
How beautiful the picture of your life will look like to everyone is determined by you, because you are the creator, work on yourself, self development is the way forward, work on being a better person in all areas including relating to people. It’s up to you how the music of your life is played, and we all love good music…………………………..