Lets promote the F- word!!!!!

There is no better word to describe this awkward moment, than this four letter word, it expresses the anger, emphasizes the feeling! And magnifies the magnitude of how you feel! Say it! Say it! “The F word”

Why is the F word always being censored, in songs, T.V programs and so on, don’t they know it’s one of the words that can explain a person’s feeling in detail, without no prefix or suffix!

It’s high time they allow it! Say it every time! They should get over it and accept as an everyday vocabulary of man!
Why the T.V stations censor words like the “F word”, “The B word” and other words?!............

The F word is a word you can identify it with people who are not, educated, who have very few words in their big brain, and they have to make do with what they have and that’s one of the only self taught vocabulary they know!
It’s normal to wake up in the morning and a mother, who only got primary education, will say to her son that has refused to wake up on time to “wake the “F” up”.

The son will say to his friends in the slum when playing ball to pass the “F-ing” ball with the “N” word, no one feels insulted everyone thinks its O.K because everyone is just speaking English!

When one of these thugs or hustlers or “N” word” or “B” word” get a big break, they have the opportunity to play or display their skills (in music, basketball and so on) to enlightened and educated set of people, every of their street language has to be censored why? Because this is not the streets, this a board meeting, this a school, this is a place people know better and have an average of 20000 words of as their vocabulary!

I remember back in secondary school, someone looked at me in a funny way when I said the “A” word (the other word you guyz use for buttocks), and he said “I can’t believe you just said that”, I heard it so much i thought it was a normal word! I said it at home when I was trying a diaper on for my baby brother, put your “A” in there, and my mum screamed how would you be saying such street word in the house…

Those words don’t belong in here….

These words are used due to lack of unavailability of choice words in their brain

For instance

They won’t use the “F” if they knew words like amazing, remarkable, incredible, wonderful, impeccable, splendid when they’re happy and

 awful, terrible, appalling, horrific, dreadful, horrible, horrid, horrendous, when they are sad

The “N” word would be of no use if they knew words like progeny, colleague, comrade, workmate, partner,  

The “B” word will only remain for dogs if they knew words like whining, back stabber, wimp,

The part that ticks me off, is the fact, these people use GOD and JESUS, when anything goes bad, they end up sounding like they’re cursing and using the most respected names in the world and they turn out to be swear words  
They say it and don’t care, people use JESUS and GOD so much that people now think it’s a swear word, my cable provider “DSTV”, censors JESUS , and 

GOD anytime pronounced as well as every swear word!
Back in the days kings were known to strict, unruly and cruel with their judgment if you mess with them, if this king below can do this what do think GOD can do………….

In the olden days the Alafin of Oyo was a great king, it’s said that he ruled from Oyo to Benin Republic, it’s said that anytime he’s taking a walk in the night and the whole place is dark, his guards will light up the huts on his way as touch for him to see…….

The people praise him a lot, and the kings of Yoruba land always have people or a person next to them that shouts their praises, they do it so well the kings sometimes think they are all that when they are not that!

The wife of this king got so pissed, and said you’re not half the things they say you are, you are not close to being called great yet you think you’re one.
Wow! He was astounded by her remark, and he said do you want to know how great I am? Don’t fret I’ll prove it to you soon.

He commanded of his guards to get the heads of the wife’s parents, he called his wife to the palace and told her to open the calabash, and she started screaming and lay flat in front of the king and called him great. 

GOD can do far more than that king did! Stop messing with HIS names and HIS son!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…….. Hosea 4:3

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When the only currency you have is your integrity!!!

I got to the cinema late to watch a movie, I met the movie half way, I was really disappointed at the end, so I decided that I can’t pay to watch a movie “half-way”, so I went to the gents and took “a very long time” in there, because people that come out from there are not questioned by security.

I waited for “a very long” couple of minutes before I went back to watch the movie from the beginning ………….

It was way wrong, because I did not pay for the movie for the second time, but it felt right, I paid full price for the movie the first time and I only got half of what I paid for! And the lady on the counter told me “the movie just started”……..

Part of me wanted to leave, another part wanted to stay, I only watched up to the part where I met the movie and I left, I felt justified…..
What if I was harassed by the guards, and questioned?!! Dealt with in such a way I would look like some criminal!!!

What if I got myself in a position I had to call my parents to get me out?!!!
What if the guards started a scene and I also reacted aggressively and someone just had to be there with a camera and I end up on youtube with a million views!

It would have been embarrassing! Disgraceful and humiliating!
A guy with so much credibility threw out his integrity to be trampled!

From then on I promised myself never again to watch a movie in the cinema without paying for it!!

It was up to me to do what I had with my integrity. But what happens if one is forced to throw the rules in thrash, bend or break the law and do away with every moral value just to make it in life.

Situations will show up that will demand your integrity, and will want you to put your standards aside and roll in the dirt, it’s up you and how far have you made up your mind to live and be right?

The integrity of the upright guides them,
    but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity…PRO 11:3 

Its simple your precepts, values, virtues and principles will guide you, lead you and at the end of the day establish you.

A righteous man who walks in his integrity—

How blessed are his sons after him. PRO. 20:7

I like the look on people’s face when I mention my dad’s name………

 To his friends, they say he’s good man, they ask about him and how is doing…..

To his Co-workers one man insisted that your father doesn’t do anything that’s wrong, he’s a just man…

To the junior staffs “he’s a great boss”…..

And the remarks are impeccable and I’m happy, he saved a lot of integrity and he’s able to spend it and he’s getting great results

 A while ago, I told one of my friend’s Yemisi, I don’t have any cash on me, but I can still have lunch in the cafeteria now! How? I would be spending my integrity.

So how much is the worth of your integrity? How many people can vouch for you? How far can your integrity go?

Imagine you own a company and someone wants to apply as a marketer and he says I’m Hitler’s Grandson!!! What would you do?

“Your bank account can leave you in the dark but your integrity can light a path”

“Financial status can take you far, but integrity takes you farther”

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Vanity upon Vanity! GOD made it

I tried talking to some Christian brothers to vote for me, as I was going for an electoral post in school, “General Secretary”, and all they said was heaven is the only thing that’s ( in their own words) “for sure” , they insisted that everything in this world is just vanity upon vanity……
He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap Ecc 11:4

Seriously, these type of Christian people piss me off with all their vanity talk! They believe that one should not strive so hard to get better things in life, like material things and achievements and all,  they make themselves feel good by telling themselves that what if we die now all the things we’ve been working hard for or attain will be all gone.
Do whatever your hands find to do well, because there’s nothing to achieve when you die Ecc 9:10…………

Their way of living reminds me of a man, whom a master gave a talent to and he refused to do anything with it, while the other two workers whom the master gave five and four talents respectively, did a whole lot with theirs and even doubled what they were given Matt 25 vs. 14-30……..
In the story of the talents the, master gave them their talents and left them……………

Some people make do with what they have in very little time and achieve a whole lot and at a very young age………

Yes vanity upon vanity there’s really no gain………………….

Some people just sit back and complain, like the servant that was given one talent he buried his and gave it back to the boss, his boss was so pissed that he said “at least you should have kept it in the bank to gain interest”, some people cannot create or bother of making anything, and they would refuse to get a job to at least make a living. They become a waste of space and a waste of resource to GOD.

When all you live for is yourself and forget that you don’t own your breath, all you gain in life is vanity , you become so ambitious you do all that’s not expected of you to reach the finish line.
Its saddening one’s heart to find out the rich, great people and people who have accomplish a lot, commit suicide.

How can someone who has the world’s outstanding event as a record unbroken be morbid?

My mum says, if you’re not living for GOD and have HIM inside of you, you would have to find a substitute.

This is why you read in the news successful people including celebrities of various fields, take to drugs, alcohol, and different kinds of things to feel good about themselves, because life just seems worthless, when you have everything and nothing to live for!

There’s no way riches kills if you live for GOD! There’s no substitute for GOD, the devil can only deceive you………….

You can only be too busy not to have time for GOD because you’re just not living for GOD, and at the end you live with regrets!  

The things of life is not vanity when you’re living for GOD, when you’re just a puppet and he’s the one pulling your strings, all you achieve are not for you but for HIS glory. Yes you can have a story that only talks about HIS glory.
Become a robot and let GOD type in your commands, and lead you the way he wants you to.

 Rejoice O young man in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; walk  in your heart and the sight of your eyes. But know that for all these things GOD will bring you into judgment Ecc. 11 vs. 9 ………….

The only time for you to work hard and be good at it is now! You have to quit giving a million reasons not to, the older you get the busier you’re with the things of life.

Half the things you want to do in life cannot be achieved when the wedding bells come ringing and lets not talk about baby shower! You will have someone to cater for who is more important than the dreams of yesterday!

Tick tock Tick Tock, the time is ticking………………..

GOD is going to ask you about every teeny tiny talent, skill and opportunity HE gave you.

He is not going to ask what you did with your life! HE’s going to ask about his life he gave you to handle for a while on earth?!
“They call it vanity, you call it opportunity”

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Why should all be well?!!

You know that feeling when you’re broke and you don’t have what you usually have and you begin to panic when the demand for the things you lack begin to arise like money, sometimes it may be food, immediately you get any slight feeling of hunger you begin to panic and wonder when the next meal will come……………

Remember that feeling, when you have so much you don’t really care what’s happening around you, you may have so much or just enough amount of money and when the need arises you don’t really care, a times you don’t even attend to it.
You can be hungry and have all the food in the world in your crib but you just fill so lazy to cook or make a meal, in all you are so confident, relaxed and you know all is well…………….

Do you know that you’re the same person, experiencing the same situation but giving different attitude towards it!
Why can’t you maintain or posses the same attitude of when you have everything in abundance and not let the bad situation have the best of you!

Having a curse but making it feel like a blessing…………………

I was in a bus yesterday en route school, and there was this baby seated next to me, his mum did not carry him, she put him next to me in which he bugged me the whole time but with my earphones in my ear and with Bill Clinton’s book on Giving in my hand, I did not let him have my whole attention. His mum only laughed as he threw tantrums.

His legs kept on hitting mine, but the thing about them was that they felt funny, so I looked at them and looked away, but there was something about his legs that caught my attention and I stared at them and I realized he was disabled, the feet were curved like a comma, as I stared the mum looked at me and I took my eyes off.

I was extra nice to the boy when I noticed his deformity, he even put his arm on mine in a resting manner feeling like a boss. 
The boys mum never for once had a sad face, you can never see it on the mother’s face and figure out whether she was bothered about the fact that her son may not walk like other children would, in fact she had the look of someone raising a perfect child with an expectant future……………..

Not moved by situation……………..

I was expecting some money in my account, but it had not been posted, I had to wait with a friend, we were both waiting for the money our parents sent to us in our separate accounts.

I arrived the bank by 1pm by 3pm nothing had been sent, my friend Yemisi, had already received hers, and she was still waiting on me and she was threatening to leave……..

I had to leave school on time, my bus fare was part of the things I was going to use the money for, it takes about 3 hours from my school back home. And I wanted to meet up with a spiritual exercise in church by 11pm to 2am and I have to be well rested before then and I most have blogged for you by then.
Fear popped in “will I be trapped here and not do all that I have to do today”, I was free no academic activities this week it’s just extracurricular activities, I wanted to leave and the bank was about to determine my fate…………………..

Well later the money was posted and you’re reading this blog. Yemisi was bothered about my attitude towards the whole situation , I didn’t seem disturbed at all because I just knew all will be well and the Big Guy Up There was in control

I don’t care………

I had to take a cab to connect my busses, the cab driver almost hit some kid selling “Pure water”, the man commented “this boy almost got himself killed over N10 (far less than a dollar)”, the boy didn’t care less what anybody thought he crossed the road did not know what he just escaped, he was even selling his product and not minding the incident that would have befallen him.

I care too much…………………

On my trip down to Lagos from Abeokuta in Ogun State, there was this woman next to me, who just finished an ushering job at some event, and was bothered about her kids she wanted to go get them from school, and it was way past the normal time, she was so worried, she was thinking out loud and she kept on saying “my kids my kids”.

I said all will be well. She made a call to the children’s school, only to find out they were already been picked by another member of her family
Imagine you watch your kid walking so carefully all the time, and her reason is “an earthquake might just happen”, the ground would swallow her up anytime, and she wants to be on the safe side.

We like to play safe, agitated when things are not going so well, and we forget the playbook is in the hands of the “BIG GUY UP THERE”, if only we learn not to be  worry warts about everything when the baker already knows the oven will be this hot, to make a remarkable cake.

J.C in the OLD BOOK, gave examples of how little creatures do not care about how they will live they just live, have you ever seen sad look on a bird wondering if he’s going to get breakfast! No because GOD already got the bill! (Matt 6 vs. 25-34)

The one thing is this, don’t let the bad guy down there, get the best of you, in all situation tell yourself “All is well” and to make the devil and people wonder at how you’re handling the situation, act like you don’t care and it never happen and dwell on the one who is directing this movie, he throws in a lot of incidents, because the movie is not ending soon and HE wants you and everyone around to have an happy ending!

“All can be well if you want all to be well! ”

Mattthew 6 vs. 25 - 26

He is jealous for me, 

Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, 
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy. 
When all of a sudden, 
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, 
And I realise just how beautiful You are, 
And how great Your affections are for me. ..........
 By David Crowder Band "How he loves"

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I went to the Secretariat to get some papers, on my way back, trying to get my bus route home, some guy hit me and his hand was pulling my earphone and my phone was coming out,  I said “Hey!” he said sorry and he left….

It hit me! I was almost been robbed, I thought to myself should call attention and get the guy to pay for his crime or should I let him go.
I stared at him from a far and I asked myself why he does what he does? He must have story behind his act, he probably did not want to do what he does, but he found it as a way for him to get by in life.

I live in Lagos (No.1 city in the world), where thieves immediately been caught by the masses instead by the authority would immediately be badly beaten and lynched, well the lynching has died down in major parts of the city!
I said to myself play GOD, people really do stuffs to the BIG GUY up there, but HE doesn’t pass judgment immediately, He prays one day you play according to his plan and live for him.

The thief was lucky he tried to rob me and not someone else that would make 
him meet his end yesterday! He would have been locked up in some cell and be forgotten by a judicial system that doesn’t care about the proceedings of the “broke guys” but only the elite.

Its hard to play GOD in the way we live but we have to, HE’s our father and we’re meant to be lead by his spirit (Romans 8:12 )

Sometime ago I asked GOD “since you see the future, can see who is coming to heaven and who is going to hell”

HE said “I see everyone in heaven I see no one in hell”
GOD has no evil plans for anyone

Jer 29:11

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    There is now a place that takes all addictions of all sorts away for free name it, any kind at all, you got or you know someone suffering from any kind of addiction they can handle it, no matter what it is physical, spiritual, and meta-physical in whatever form. (Romans 8 v 2,6 vs14,17-20,Galatians 5v1),

Are you a sex addict, or alcoholic, or drug addict? Or you are just an addict of something you are ashamed to tell someone about it and you just want to say you need help (psalm 46 vs. 1) so badly that it hurts you everyday to always perform that obscene act in private, it kills you to share and makes you feel less a human when you’re done with the act.

Is there an hidden urge to do something bad or evil like stealing, lying, masturbating, smoking, rape, having sex with your own sex (homosexuality), or you begin to find children or animals attractive enough to have sex with them, or do you have the desire to commit murder or are you suicidal  well there is an answer for you………………..

First Step……… there is a society you have to join that is in charge of setting you free from every kind of oppression known to man, how to join you have to reference the leader (Matt 11 vs. 28,John 6 vs. 35-37)…..Next….

Second Step……… you have to say a confession of the society, after you say it once, you never have to say it ever again and you are free and free indeed (Romans 10 vs. 9,1st John 1 vs. 9)…..

Third Step……… there is no going back for you, after you are cured you have to remain a member of this society, there will be all the assistance you need to stay incline and in touch never to back slide, but it still depends on you to stay on track and never let go (John 15 vs. 4-6, John 15 vs. 10,1st John 2v24-28)…..

In this society you can even achieve a whole much more you couldn’t in your normal life, you’re enabled to soar high, and knock down every mountain you’ll face so what do you think are you ready to join? Follow these steps (mark 10v19, John 1v12,2nd Timothy 3v15,2nd peter 1v3.)………

You have to become a Christian by accepting Christ, He sends you the HOLY SPIRIT and if you depend on HIM solely HE will give you so much courage alcohol can’t give and you will be able to fight all the bad habits that you face in life, when you are filled with The HOLY SPRIT everything negative in your life will step aside due to the power of GOD (Romans 8v28)

Accept  JESUS as your personal LORD and savior, and join the Christian society, get a Bible, join a Bible believing church be free and free for ever more by saying these few words……….
LORD JESUS I accept you as my personal LORD and savior, I accept that you died on the cross of Calvary, for every one of my sins, I’m hereby washed by your blood and freed from all condemnation of sin and free from any form of bondage, I’m no longer a sinner but a saint of GOD because I’m the righteousness of GOD, with this confession I denounce my old life and I step into a new life where all things are made new by you in JESUS name I pray……………

2Cori 5:21  

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African Fashion Belongs to the shelf

I was watching the review of the ARISE fashion week on Entertainment Weekly on Channels Television, they were asking the people what they think about the show.

You know the regular blah blah…… it was good and all…. But the one comment that got my attention was a lady who flew in to see the show; her comment was “I came to the fashion show to see some African design in action and all I see are just Western Designs, nothing that’s  African, it’s so sad” …….
Why are we so Western with our Fashion?! We threw our Fashion items out the back door, if ever we want to use them we only use them once in a full in moon…..

The Arise Fashion week published some photos about their show in This Day Style Magazine of last week Sunday, I saw the designs by different people from different parts of the world, I was particular about the one designer representing my country, Tiffany Amber, her designs were pretty good, I didn’t really notice anything indigenous at all why??....

Back in the days Africans were known to go nude, later wear animal skins, and some of us moved on to fabrics like Guinea, Ankara, Swiss Lace and many more, but these days we don’t make use of these fabrics anymore we are so in love with the Western Fabrics and designs Why???........

Its comfortable…….

How would you feel going to work nude? Yeah some heads will turn and  who would get the job in their nude?!! Or how would you feel wearing an animal for six hours at work?

The Western fabrics and designs are made to fit you; one can wear them for a pretty long time. One can afford to change ones look, by changing a top or trouser.

You can express yourself……
My friends who are fashion designers  complain about, African fabrics , they limit ones ability to express ones creativity, no matter the designs done with them it still looks like the same thing!

Some people complain bitterly about the whole letting the whole African heritage down especially in fashion, when was the last time you saw a CEO wear kaftan to work, or school children wear Guinea to school. Or have you ever slept on a bed sheet made of Ankara….

People look presentable when they are suited up, and they have the ease to carry out their daily jobs.

We have now found a place for our local fabrics that’s why we call them traditional attire in Nigeria, you do not give a special name to something you wear all the time.

The local fashion has been given a place in the fashion shelf, only to come out to prove it’s existence, it’s so sad that we have broken up with our local attire and told them that we just want to be friends, some people actually want them as close friends that they now wear T-shirts on Ankara trousers it’s a brilliant idea, and again I know some people who don’t even want to play friends they have moved on and don’t have anything made of their mother land in their wardrobe!

The thing is this our indigenous materials will never give up on us, its just waiting for a designer to get creative with it……..

EC 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under
 the heaven:

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Be Afraid of the Nigerian love!!

My brother and mum laughed into my room, as I was working on “Africa time-up”, they came to tell me this…………. 

“On behalf of Malta Guinness, we present you this cheque”……………… this was presented to the family that won the “Maltina family dance all” sponsored by MALTINA by the Deputy Governor of Lagos state as of yesterday!!!
Why but why do Nigerians always do this? Calling products of the same substance of different producers by the name of the product that’s popular by the demand

Mimee Noodles came to a Summer Teenage camp, in which their noodles was used for the cooking competition, but during the whole show, teenagers kept on calling it “Indomie Noodles”, and the officials of Mimee Noodles kept on saying “its Mimee not Indomie”. They had a hard time trying to convine  them to stop referring to the noodles as the most wanted Noodles in the country Nigeria “Indomie”, as I covered the show taking pictures….

This happens to all the products that are the first to be established in the country, they seem to earn a place in the hearts of Nigerians that our heads refuse to remember the name of other brands.

If you want to buy baby diaper, and you want Pampers the attendant would ask you which one? Because there are other brands whose names are not worth remembering, the same goes for cubed spices the prominent name is “Maggi” and for Sausage Rolls its “Gala” ………

How this happen? ……………..

The country is a developing nation so in time past there were few products produced in the country, most of them which were processed were imported 
and for those that were locally produced, they earned their way into the mouths of Nigerians, and all we know is the first and famous brands……

There was no competition for companies like Indomie, they had the markets to themselves for a long time, as the country developed, the wealth of the nation improved and the country developed, this gave room for other producers from within and outside the country to produce so many kinds of products.

Well the tradition is dying down, for instance no one calls Airtime or Recharge Cards “MTN”, because they were the first  Mobile Telecom but not the only ones for long, competition strolled in and is trying to kick them to the curb………
Well with all that’s going on in the country, no one has to tell you Nigeria is good for business.

Why? There is a proverb my mum always says of Yoruba, the “There’s enough 
room in the sky for all the birds to fly”……………………

All the companies first established in Nigeria, they are still doing very well despite numerous competitors that have come after several years of being in t he country, and the competitors themselves are performing more than their expectations.

For instance, to setup a Telecommunication company in a Developed country let’s say U.S.A, it will take a whole lot and returns are not guaranteed, not Nigeria!

 Etisalat came into the country and they cannot believe their expectations. That’s why Visafone put up a billboard to thank Nigerians for purchasing their products and services, that they have 1 million users after a year in the country.

Nigerians love like crazy, if you’re actually very good, they support you to the very end in their own kind of way and you kind of have a lasting effect on us if you don’t disappoint.

PR 11:10  When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth:

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Am I prepared??!!!

 Proverbs 6:6-8

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.

I’m a big fan of agriculture particularly animal production, when I was still in foundation back in school I was staying in a hall, there were some 400 level agricultural students and all they had to do for that session was just farm work, they had a routine which they had to cover different parts of farm production, like the cultivation of crops, the rearing of animals and so many more, so I asked to join them when they were going to take part in animal rearing, they said they had already finished with that part, but they could hook me up with a friend of theirs that would just be starting the animal section. When we were on the farm the instructor was teaching about ticks and he was illustrating with a cow, they had to tie the cow and turn it sideways so we could see the ticks on the cow, as they were getting the cow down it was restless the instructor told me to help out that why was I just watching, so the person who brought me told him that I was not a 400 level student!

You got no excuse!!

My friend and I wanted to take bike, he told me not to stop a particular bike which was of a low standard, he said what was he looking at when his mate were buying better bikes. No one wants to know your story! Nobody wants to know whether you had a parent or no parents at all when you were growing up, as far as you are not successful you will be tagged lazy, nobody cares how you had it when climbing up the ladder of life as far as you are successful we will celebrate you! There is a quote I got from this movie Madea goes to jail “your parents were meant to give you one thing life what you make of it is up to you”

What they see and say is what counts

I went to buy a bag of water; the person selling it to me said that was I the Youth Copper that came to buy water yesterday?! I said no! I notice people view me as a person that is ready to take over the world, someone who is capable to do this and that when am just learning about the ropes of life, I said to myself have to be ready to handle the issues of life.
 When the time has reached for me to be on my own man, I have to be able to do much more that is expected of me, I don’t want people saying and he calls himself a graduate and he can’t do this or do that! I want to be a walking search engine like Google able to carry out any kind of activity and do them well especially my area of specialization, or least no something about everything.

Find something you are good at
And deal with it, be excellent with it

If you are young you will find out that you are interested in a whole lot of things more or less you tend to be a jack of all trade and a master of none, its pretty scary and all the options leave one undecided, you have to pick one that you are very good at and everyone acknowledges your work in that area, try to be the only champion in your field, let no one come in to beat you in your game, learn to acknowledge the people you met in the game, learn from them, learn from their mistakes and try to do and be better than them.
One of the founders of Joshua Rabiu says “be the jack of all trade and the master of one”.


One of my co-coordinators’ in church says one thing that as a young person that we are blessed with time so we have the freedom to think about new things, we can event new things or think of how things can be done in a better way! So we are innovative! When a new idea comes in, learn to pick up a pen and paper and write, from there it becomes real to you and you can begin to work on it. You will need to develop yourself in that area, for instance if you had an idea about a new web site you have to go for web site training, and learn how to build your own web site, it would be unfortunate that you would tell someone about your idea and they would probably steal it or not carry out the job like you want it.
Love and sex

As a human you can’t escape the power of love, now a days love develops into sex. As a Christian, there is so much emphasis on the fact that you are not meant to start dating at young age that it will eventually develop into sex, and when we are ready and prepared mentally and spiritually, when you enter a relationship you define it, sexual or non-sexual, if your partner wants sexual you back out, that’s not the only person in the world you will by the grace of GOD find another person, due to your decision as a Christian you will tend to stand out and be called weird, you have to stand for what you believe in and live by it.

It’s quite vital that you get a Certfication, let’s be real to make it in this economy you need a paper that states that you have a B.Sc. or Diploma in something, even if it says a graduate from social networking, I mean you are given the honours in knowing how to use facebook, twitter, anything but something that GOD wants you to be, you just have to go to school, with GOD’s guidance, be good at what you study in the university or any training school. Because it’s hard out there, or any institution that can get you trained in your area of specialization. There are something’s that are not taught in school like how should I spend the money I earn? How to make good decisions in life? So many things that are not taught in school that we have to learn on our own, you can learn financial education on your own, you can learn time management on your own, all this you can learn from books and serious practice, with this one can advance in life due to the edge one has over others.
How beautiful the picture of your life will look like to everyone is determined by you, because you are the creator, work on yourself, self development is the way forward, work on being a better person in all areas including relating to people. It’s up to you how the music of your life is played, and we all love good music…………………………..


Apple!! Sue for what used to rightfully yours “THE MARKET”

Apple is just being a cry baby over the whole patent right issues! All I hear Apple say to the whole world is “Android took my toy and they don’t  want to give it back”

We know you’re the one who started the invention! Yes we know you created it! Something great and remarkable that the world could not do without, but right now someone is using it as tool to make a device that’s way better!

Now it’s time they got over it and move on.

Inventions from time past like the light bulb for instance, created by Thomas Edison had the patent rights of his invention for about 6 years  (granted on January 27, 1880), till other people got creative and made better items than 
Thomas and his rights became invalid.

An invention is like a child born to you, you can’t let it go, but kids grow up and they want to do away with you and be a men of their  own, so are the inventions of Apple. They may not have the rights of a product for so long, because this is the 21st Century where things happen at the speed of light and we all move on……

Imagine if the Wright Brothers had the rights of the Air plane till date,  Louis Cartie still had the rights of the wrist watch,  Karl Benz still had rights to  the invention of the “car”, life would be incredible boring, one sole maker for a product consumed by many people……..

Variety is the spice of life…………….

Handheld devices did not used to be this remarkable, Andriod brought something new fresh and WOW! To the market like the way many producers bring something new when they make something better than the original creators of the item.

Apple won the battle in court, but Android won the war the in the market. Apple was scared they would lose the market to copy cats who do not know what they are doing, but over the past few months we have learnt that the Apple company cannot handle competition.

A competitive company after seeing what their opponents have created “Samsung Galaxy S3” would go home and do their home work, but no! Instead of going into a fight and give all they have, they decided to act on technical rules and see what it got them, a Billion Dollars and a silly metallic device called the “Iphone5”.

Be happy to find out people are out there imitating your design, which means you’re really good for people to actually want what you created. 

This only means one thing “Step up your game” there are several devices using the Android OS but its only Samsung Devices that standout, don’t be afraid of competitions (or imitation), embrace it, work hard and bring something to the world that will win our hearts and you’ll have the market in the palm of your hands, don’t be discouraged and be a slacker looking for technical fouls and produce “Iphone5” because your opponents will always standout and bank all the money home with their “Samsung Galaxy S3”…………….

“Life a.k.a Competition“
Proverbs 12:11 
Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense. (NIV)

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